it's britney!

i was lucky enough to go to britney spears with sabrina a couple months ago and finally took these pics from her blog cause i didn't have my camera. it was awesome. pussy cat dolls opened up for her. i love the pussy cat dolls. they are just as sexy in real life . . . from like a million miles away. haha. and britney was good. it was quite the show and quite the circus! but i guess i expected her to at least actually sing her slow songs. oh well. she's britney, so she gets to do whatever she wants. thanks sabrina!

this is us in the vip lounge. awesome! totally got a free chair massage too!

pussy cat

britney bitch!


Fashionably Kate said...

Oh Britney..

That's hilarious that you guys went!

and HELLO gorgeous! I love the new pic on the right! Hot stuff! :)

Scott & Rach said...

Beck you look hot!

Cindy said...

Becky!! I LOVE, LOVE, Love your new dooo!!!! I wont even recognize you if I should happen upon you on some random trail!! You look fabulous!!

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