Procrastination . . . homework

So I went back to school. Need I say more. . .

So the first thing you do when you go back to school is procrastinate. I don't know why I chose the summer to start on my newfound goal of getting a bachelor degree in business. To tell you the truth, I really like school and I am pretty good at it but it's hard when you go out of town every weekend or the weather is nice and all you want to do is hang out outside or go do something fun with friends.
Anyway, so I am sitting here at 11:47pm and instead of sleeping or doing my homework before the weekend and my test on Monday I am going to browse other peoples blogs, look for different templates to try to make my blog better and not go to sleep!
I will be more motivated in the morning :)


So I think I am addicted to this whole bloggin thing! I was browsing today and found a link to a family who is taking a road trip down to Costa Rica to live! I have been to Costa Rica, so I thought that was cool! So if you want to track them with me - here is the link.

Costa Rica Trip Family

I would love to do this!

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