alek and corinne

here are some of the fun shots from the big day . . . finally!

shane and i sorta got a good one . . . ;)

the happy couple . . .

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corinne's bridal shower

friday night, the night before the big day, we threw a bridal shower for corinne! these are my such fun girls from high school . . . i'm the only one still holdin' out. . . :)

with corinne's sisters :)

lindsay really wanted to try on the lingerie!

this is us afterward . . . seeing what kinda goods she got!

me and ash - we finally got her to break away from her husband to come to this . . . that's a rare occasion, for sure.

check lindsay's blog out for more pics of the fun crowd that came! love you corinne!


road trip baby

every year, it seems, a camping road trip calls my name . . . and i can usually talk some adventurous friends into coming along for the ride! we started in kanab, then to lake powell, four corners, mesa verde, monument valley, mexican hat, natural bridges, lake powell again, goblin valley, and then mystic hot springs in monroe, ut. it was so much fun! did a lot of classic road trip things and explored southeastern utah, arizona, new mexico and colorado - all in one weekend! this is only a 1/4th of the pics that we took, so it may seem like a lot, but i cut a lot out. hope you enjoy!

stopped in kanab, ut to see my old co-worker and good friend jen and her dog at the greyhound gathering! so funny - there were tons of greyhounds there!

classic drivin' pic of cody wearing my sunglasses

we crashed a wedding that was going on at lone rock beach at lake powell! they were blaring the music and dancing in the sand, so we joined. everyone was so drunk there that i don't even think they noticed us! except for when we left i went to congratulate the bride and she gave me the biggest hug ever - it was pretty funny!

setting up camp that night at lake powell . . .

pringles and maps

this is at the four corners - there are all these native americans that have all these booths set up trying to sell you stuff - and i thought it was funny that they didn't spell navajo right . . .

in four states at once! so crazy!!!!!! haha

mesa verde, colorado. this place was way cool!

you can see the cliff dwellings across the canyon if you look close - pretty crazy

down inside one of the kiva's

just grindin' some corn . . .

monument valley - where all the cool john wayne western's were filmed! beautiful!

the rock in the background is called: mexican hat!

natural bridges national monument - if you look closely, you can see cody and leah on top of the arch! (they are little specks!)

goblin valley state park - super fun to run around in or (if they allowed it) play paintball!

cool rock pose . . .

this was the highlight of the whole trip! mystic hot springs in monroe, ut! i went there a few years ago and couldn't wait to go back, just because the pictures are so awesome! we took so many! those are real bath tubs that the hot water just flows into constantly from the mountain above! how funny huh!

just another random tub. . . that orange thing behind us is the mineral build up. :)

hooray for road trips!


harvest :)

these were the first few peas i picked! dorky i know, but i was so excited! and my strawbery plant had already given me a strawberry! :)

then like a week later i got all these! yea! they were so yummy :)


happy mothers day

i got this idea for a mother's day bookmark off of my cute aunt marie's blog - so me and scott and cami gave it a try! it was fun! we put the bookmark in a little book and added a little ribbon to the top. :) love you mom!

if you know my mom, then you know that she is the most amazing person! i am so grateful for her and all she does! not only is she a single mom that works full time, she always makes time for her three kids that are still at home and for the other five that aren't! she has taught me so much and i think of her more and more as a best friend and sister! she is the perfect mix of smart, funny, sexy, goofy, adventurous, and just plain fun! i want to be just like her when i grow up! :)

halloween 2007 - she came and visited all here kids at work and school! sort of a tradition - but you just never know which holiday she is going to come on! i love it!

cute little grandma!

isn't she beautiful?!

love you mom!


the lake

so i am totally playing catch-up here . . .

we went to the lake with shane's family while they were in town . . . so much fun, but such cold water!

landon loved the jet skis!

shane, brad, aaron

landon was a little nervous about his dad leavin' on the jet ski

silly frolicking

are they the cutest or what!?

cute girls! kendall was confused?

kailyn was a fast little crawler! she loved the mud and water!

and yes, thanks kendall for letting me steal some pics from your cute blog!


cami's home

went to vegas saturday night to pick up cami at the airport! {she's gonna be here for 10 days then she's off to virginia where she's got a job performing at busch gardens theme park this summer} i was so excited to see her but super tired since i had been up since 4:30am and had a slight limp from my sore muscles from the half-marathon.

my cute girlfriends came down a bit early with me and we made a shopping trip out of it and reminisced about the high school days when we would ditch school to shop in vegas and ride down in ashley's propane powered 1988 buick. good times.

same hair . . .

scott and amy officially have the same hair cut . . .

. . .and apparently the same eyeballs :)

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