valentines gift shop

kendall and i will have a beckend designs booth at the valentine's gift shop in st. george tomorrow! come stop by and see us! and our cute coasters!

Valentine’s Gift Shop

Need something for that special someone…

or maybe just for yourself

Come choose from various vendors and

get something for everyone on your

Valentine’s Day list this year!!!

Saturday, January 30th


26 W. Tabernacle, St. George

(Directly across the street from the Tabernacle and Town Square)

***Remember to come early for the best selection!!!***

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excuse me . . .

. . . can you see that i am working, going to school and interning at the moment?!!!

this is so how i feel right now. i am an ambitious girl. i'm pretty sure everyone who knows me, knows that.

i personally put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to be better and better and do it NOW!! even now, as i write this, i am feeling it. 26 years old and what do you have to show for it. why don't you own your own business and why aren't you making 6 figures by now? it's funny, because now that i am getting these thoughts out of my head, i can see how silly they are. when did i make the decision to do all that and when did i get the crazy idea that it would all be done at once?

these crazy thoughts bring me anxiety of the worst kind. the kind that makes me dream dreams that i should never dream and the kind that literally feels like fear gripping me telling me that i cannot face the day. it's horrible.

so my opening line is exactly what i want to say to those thoughts. "CAN YOU SEE THAT I AM BUSY RIGHT NOW!" i hate to put things off. when i get a good idea, i want it to be done now. not later.

which is why i have so much on my plate.

the point of this rant is that this podcast that i found via kate via kera, below just spoke to me. the ENTIRE thing spoke to me. but mostly the story that starts at about minute 13. {in case you want to skip through it, but i recommend the entire thing.} elizabeth gilbert has a way of saying things, and her voice is so calming.

i feel like there are so many ideas that come to me from my "little genius" that elizabeth mentions, that i am just not ready for. and i begin to feel guilty that i am not in that place yet that is ready to develop that idea that would be so amazing if i could give it all of my focus. but i am giving other things my focus right now. i am where i am and i have a hard time accepting that sometimes.

i love the idea of continuing to show up. to be there. to be present and available for things to happen through you. just show up. my mom used to say this too. sometimes, just showing up is enough.

please let me remember this when fear grips me and tells me not to get out of bed. please remember, becky, that showing up can be enough.

this podcast came at the perfect time for me. i hope it shifts your paradigm as much as it did mine.


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beautiful sunday hike.

love this hike. slots is one of the best. and the fact the leah stayed up all night then drove up from vegas to go on this hike was awesome, especially since she was crazy the whole time. :)

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an adventure

went on an adventure to find the river on sunday with landon, kailyn, grandma, sara, and the two dogs - sophie and kai. :) it was so fun. i made mom try rollerblading. pretty funny!

love these little kids!

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pretty cool date for a birthday this year. :)

celebrated mine and michael's birthday with the fam last night. {his day is tomorrow.}

cutest smile ever.

thanks for the amazing yogurt cake! my favorite!
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the recipe - mac and cheese

this is the recipe that we sort of used. . . thanks to diners, drive-ins and dives. we added some different cheeses though. harmons has an awesome cheese section. :)

good luck :)
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christmas and the amazing mac & cheese

i sort of forgot to post about christmas this year. . . and i sort of forgot to take pictures of much. so here a the few moments that were captured by my camera.

cute little landon and kailyn on christmas morning playing with their toys. {slept at brad and kendall's so we could watch the little kids experience santa. so fun!}

brad with dominic. so cute.

token cheesy christmas tree pic.

christmas day dinner. hello! {this was brad's plate.}

i promised shane i would blog about this because he was so excited.

mac and cheese!

haha! he hated eating traditional holiday dishes and wanted something good. so this is the yummiest, cheesiest and most expensive mac and cheese i have ever had. good job babe.

it's huge!

but oh so yummy. :)

hope you had a good one!
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so this is the new year

first post of the new year. happy new year.

a strange sense of self-love and happiness was with me this morning. even with my resolutions of attaining my ideal weight and eating better. i found this sense of peace about this coming year which left me excited, as if i already know everything is unfolding perfectly. in case some of you are grabbing a bag to puke in right now. i will stop. but i still feel amazing.

i slept in and didn't actually get out of bed until about 2pm. i woke up late and opened a book, that engulfed me for 3-4 hours.

eat. pray. love. by elizabeth gilbert. to be made into a movie with the fabulous julia roberts. so excited.

oh how i love this book. it is an escape for me to a life that i would love to live. at least for a year. i want to travel as she traveled. but my mind and more importantly my heart, knows that it's not quite time yet. but soon. :)

now i am off to visit and play with leah and cody in vegas. lots of shopping and talking is waiting for me. :)

i hope you are having as good of a new year as i am.

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