christmas and the amazing mac & cheese

i sort of forgot to post about christmas this year. . . and i sort of forgot to take pictures of much. so here a the few moments that were captured by my camera.

cute little landon and kailyn on christmas morning playing with their toys. {slept at brad and kendall's so we could watch the little kids experience santa. so fun!}

brad with dominic. so cute.

token cheesy christmas tree pic.

christmas day dinner. hello! {this was brad's plate.}

i promised shane i would blog about this because he was so excited.

mac and cheese!

haha! he hated eating traditional holiday dishes and wanted something good. so this is the yummiest, cheesiest and most expensive mac and cheese i have ever had. good job babe.

it's huge!

but oh so yummy. :)

hope you had a good one!
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We're not robots. said...

please tell me how to make this. it looks amazing.
Glad you had a happy Christmas!

J Family said...

I heard all about the mac-n-cheese you guys are crazy. That is cute you guys stayed over to watch the kids. :)

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