off to seattle

in the morning for aaron and sabrina's wedding!

shane has been up there for a few days already so it will be good to see him again :)

and hopefully i can get together with my glauser cousin's this weekend. i really want to see all of you guys and your cute kids!


garage sale finds

annika and i went garage sale-ing on saturday . . . i haven't been for awhile. it was pretty fun and i got some pretty good stuff. i also missed out on some good stuff, which reminded me that you have to go early if you want the good stuff!

check out these fun vintage tins . . . i will put them in my kitchen or something. got all of them for a total of $1.

this came in the $1 bag! lucy's tv commercial of "vitameatavegamin" haha! i thought it would look cute on a shelf or be a funny white elephant . . .

found some good books and movies {vhs} for a total of $4. ender's game and ender's shadow are a couple of my favs!

2 coolers for $7

the main reason we went was to find stuff for annika. she got a tv and dvd player for $5. it was old but still good! she also got some awesome computer speakers, shelf/drawer things, and a whole bunch of other stuff that i don't remember.

i forgot how many cool things you can find at garage sales!


how to: modge podge wall hanging

so i am done with at least one of my projects that i listed here. i think it turned out pretty cute! i was a little worried . . .

these are some of the supplies that i used. thanks to tara and michaels {see michaels for more perfect directions} i was able to do this cheaper and cuter than the original plan!

we used styrofoam instead of canvas. me an leah bought a big 8'x4' sheet of styrofoam from lowes and then just cut it down to size. it cost $12 for the huge sheet, instead of $20 a piece for canvas. :) but my knife pretty much got ruined. we heated it on my gas stove and then the styrofoam cute like butta . . . ;) but make sure to use a knife you don't care about.

so we modge-podged on the cute scrapbook paper {about $0.30ea. at roberts} being careful not to get any air bubbles.

then modge-podged over the top to seal it.

then used a blow-dryer to dry it. some of ours did get air bubbles, but we used a ruler to smooth while we blow-dried . . . it even got out the bubbles that we noticed after they had sort of dried, just make sure the paper and glue are hot. {oh and make sure all the air bubbles are out before you seal the top with modge podge. probably not a good idea to use the ruler when the glue is on top}

then we covered the sides with 1 1/2" ribbon and pinned and hot-glued it on. then added a little hanger so we could hang it on the wall. {i put some glue on the hanger thing just to make sure it would stay}

so here is the finished product! i think it looks pretty good!

i really like walking into the living room and seeing it now . . . it makes me smile. :)

and this is the cutie who measured the wall and marked the spots on the wall so they would all be perfectly straight and even . . . i am so glad he did this because i get really overwhelmed by hanging things on the wall for some reason. thanks babe! {can you tell he didn't want me to take his picture . . . ;)}


happy birthday leah!

my roommate, leah, is now 23!

love her! she is so much fun to live with!


breaking dawn

done. loved it.

joined this. so excited!!!



so i got another job . . . a second job sorta for fun, if you will ;)

i know it sounds weird but i really like serving at restaurants . . . i love talking to people. so when my brother said he wanted to explore some of his passions as far as being a chef and cooking food and got a job at this new restaurant, it sounded so cool that me and leah checked it out.
so now we work at haven {fine american cuisine} with my bro.

it hasn't opened yet {mid sept.} it is going to be a totally hip, fun place to work and eat! the decorations are amazing and the food looks and sounds scrumptious. we tasted the chocolate cake and it was to die for!

even more fun than the food is what we get to wear. we are supposed to be 1940's glam. so we need to do our make-up and hair a certain way. our outfits sound way cute - a pencil skirt and a couple of cute different tops to choose from {supposedly going to be from f21 or express}, with some mary jane's. it may get a little annoying to have to take the time to get dolled up, but i am really excited about it right now! i have always loved dressing up! and i am hoping to figure out how to do some of the complicated 40's hairstyles that they had going on back then. :)
rita hayworth ~ my hair might not be long enough for this do???

maybe i can pull this off . . .

this looks a little more modern and very cute . . .

it looks like i have some experimenting to do . . . anyone have any suggestions?

come and see me when we open up in september! you will love everything about this restaurant!


the hills are alive

this is annika. :) she is my new roommate and is from germany! she got here last week and has already been so much fun to hang out with. she is always so happy! below is annika wrapped in a blanket because she is not used to the air conditioning we have here. she is not a fan. :)

me, annika, cody and brad ushered at tuacahn on wednesay and were able to see "sound of music" for free! notice the nice green vests!

beautiful tuacahn canyon

it was really fun to watch it with annika because she is german and it was cool to see here perspecitive of it. she had never even heard of the play or movie before. we got some pics with the cute kids, kurt and gretl, after the show. they were so cute! and they are really bro and sis in real life! it was a great play!


happy birthday cody

it was cody's birthday on sunday! he was out of town so we went out to eat and had cake on monday.

texas roadhouse makes you ride a saddle while they sing to you. cody was a good sport. he's smiling, but he did not want to get on that thing! :)

cody is one of my bestest friends! i am so glad that he is! we have a lot of fun and adventures together. happy happy birthday cody!

phone call from my bro

one of my favorite parts about olympics so far is getting a phone call from my brother brad telling me to turn on the tv because michael phelps is about to win another gold medal. then we will watch it together on the phone . . . haha. so funny. we watched the men's 4x100 relay on sunday and we on the edge of our seats yelling! so ever since then he has been calling me to let me know when the good stuff is on. :)

i am also loving watching aaron peirsol too! what a cutie!

the olympics are so fun! such amazing athletes! and did you guys see the men's gymnastics? wow!


confessions on a postcard

interesting images found here.

this real life confession will make you think twice before using anything in a hotel room. . . eeewww!


i need your opinions

so i was talking about making that modge podge wall art thing and i finally found where i got the idea.

check it out.

here are some of the pics from the sight . . .

then tell me what you think. i really thought it was cute and i wanted to do it above my tv, since i have lived in my house for like 2 years and not put anything there . . . but i couldn't find any square canvases - i did find some 18"x24" ones and decided that three in a row would be cute and fill up the bigger space that i have . . . but i would have to create some sort of different design on each to make the paper fill all the area. would that be way ugly? the way i am picturing it in my head, i think it will be cute, but i guess i am just wondering if you gals out there have any other ideas . . . so let me know!!!!

i wish i was an artist and could just paint a cool tuscan scene across them all. wouldn't that be cool!



i don't know what it is, but i have always been a project person . . . i always have something that i am thinking about making, going to make or that i am half-way through making. ever since i finished the summer semester and have some extra time it seems like i have more ideas piling up and all i want to do is read "the host" instead of doing my projects.

so to remedy my summer laziness i am making a list. i love lists and i love checking things off lists even more . . . haha. . . maybe i'm crazy ~ but i think it's good crazy ;)

so here goes:

-sweater quilt {i started this at least a year ago and got really ambitious and said i was going to crochet the edges, well i think i am only 1/3 of the way done with that . . .}

-hem my drapes to the right length and sew the drapery things that are going on top of them {i bought the drapes like two months ago and the fabric to add to them like two weeks ago ~ on clearance at joann's and the perfect color! so excited!}

-modgepodge the three canvases that i bought at michael's yesterday with cute scrapbook paper. . . i need to find the link and the blog that i got this idea from, but i loved it and think it will go perfect above my tv. :) since i don't really have a family to put family pictures up of ~ i think i will go for some creative art . . . hopefully it turns out. :)

-start and finish the aprons that i bought the fabric for like 4 months ago! they are going to be so cute!

my goal is to finish these four things by the time school starts on august 20th . . . wish me luck!

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