happy birthday cody

it was cody's birthday on sunday! he was out of town so we went out to eat and had cake on monday.

texas roadhouse makes you ride a saddle while they sing to you. cody was a good sport. he's smiling, but he did not want to get on that thing! :)

cody is one of my bestest friends! i am so glad that he is! we have a lot of fun and adventures together. happy happy birthday cody!


Sabrina said...

Oh, I would of loved to celebrate codys bday!! Tell him I say Happy happy bday!!

Meriel Frandsen said...

Happy B-Day Cody! You are the best! Hope you had a great time!

Cindy said...

Nice plug for Fitness Ridge Cody!! And happy birthday!!

neffgang said...

Becky -

Sorry this comment isn't about Cody's birthday (even though we hope he had a great day.)

So, yesterday we spent a really short amount of time at Capital Reef. The kids and Steph said something like, "Becky would love this place." And then we thought about it longer and changed the statement to say, "Becky loves this place."

We decided that you know every square inch of the state!

neffgang said...

OK. This comment really is for Cody. I hope you had a great birthday! I miss seeing you. We'll have to have some kind of a re-union. BTW, I just talked Marie into doing this mini tri-athalon called the Turkey-Tri in Orem. It's in Nov. and it's a 3 mile run- no sweat- a 12 mile bike- and only a quarter mile swim. You guys should come up and do it with us!

Love ya-Steph

Johnny & Alli said...

That was an awkward comment left by Sabrina!! :)

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