the carving o' the pumpkins

quite the pumpkin carving weekend

my two pumpkins . . . so proud of them :) one on sunday night with the fam and the other on saturday night with friends

cute porch

dennis - the chef 0' the roasted pumpkins seeds

so fun!


half way through

So I was looking at my syllabus for my economics class and school is half way done for the semester! I didn't realize it! And because I didn't, the surprise made me that much happier! (maybe it's supposed to be "more happy" . . .?) I am only taking two classes (6 credits) but you would be surprised how much time that takes up, especially when you work full-time! Hooray for being half way through!


a splendid weekend

The boys went on the Deer Hunt this weekend, so we had a girls sleepover at Kendalls . . . I didn't take very many pics, but it was totally fun! We made homemade pizza, decorated halloween cupcakes, chit-chatted and finished the night off right with a little dose of Pride and Predjudice. It was me, my mom, Sara, Amy and Hana, Kendall and Kailyn and we did allow two young fellows to join us . . . Conrad and Landon.

Fun girls!

Kailyn was chillin'


Earlier that Saturday . . . went with Cody to Zion and hiked Hidden Canyon. He works for the spa that I used to work for and so I sort of just came along since he was taking some guests anyway. We had to hang out from 9-3 for the guests, so we did a 2 hour hike then went to Oscar's Cafe in Springdale! If you ever are in Springdale, UT, just outside of Zion National Park, you should definitely go there, the food is amazing. And thanks to Ashley . . . gave us a gift certificate . . . it was almost free! Then we laid by the pool 'till 3! Awesome day!

Hidden Canyon ~ we caught the leaves at just the right time!


Sunday drive looking for leaves

Since St. George doesn't really get all four seasons, Cody and I decided to go looking for pretty leaves on Cedar Mountain. It was a good thing we went this weekend or we may have missed it!

One of the many overlooks on Cedar Mountain, you can see Zion in the distance.

Cedar Breaks! It was sooo sunny and I forgot my sunglasses in the car . . . nice squinting!
Gorgeous! There was already snow up there! Soooo cold!
We are still looking for some good leaves. . .
. . . and we finally found them! My attempt at being an artistic photographer with my little camera! It was so beautiful!

I love the Fall!


I need a nap . . .

It's just one of those days where nothing is happening and for some reason I don't have the will power today to make anything that special happen. I think I just need to go home and take a really good nap. . . .aaahhh, that sounds good. :)


Pittsburgh, PA and NYC

I am going to go visit my sister, Cami, in Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving! She is going to school at Point Park University. I haven't bought my plane ticket yet . . . waiting to find the best deal. We want to go out to New York for a few days too and need suggestions as to where is a safe, but not too expensive place to stay . . . so Laurel, since you live there give me some good info! :) I've been a couple times but want to make it fun for Cami! Also, if anyone knows how to get some good deals on Broadway shows beforehand and not just at that CheapTickets for half-price the same day or whatever! :) I am so excited! This will be fun! And if anyone wants to come . . . the more the merrier!



Ahhhhh . . . I love Jane Austen films and books :)

So I was catching up on my blog reading and came across a post on my aunt Marie's blog! I love Jane Austen! I just watched "Emma" on Sunday! That is one of my favorite movies! I also love "Pride and Predjudice" . . . I like the new movie, but I LOVE the A&E version the best. Anyway, I took this quiz and I am Emma! (the same as my aunt, that's fun!) If you love anything Jane Austen, you should take this quiz and watch the movies that I mentioned!

Oh and I also like the movie "Shakespeare in Love" but it is not a Jane Austen story, just similar.

I am Emma Woodhouse!

Take the Quiz here!

Thanks Marie for the fun quiz!

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