Ahhhhh . . . I love Jane Austen films and books :)

So I was catching up on my blog reading and came across a post on my aunt Marie's blog! I love Jane Austen! I just watched "Emma" on Sunday! That is one of my favorite movies! I also love "Pride and Predjudice" . . . I like the new movie, but I LOVE the A&E version the best. Anyway, I took this quiz and I am Emma! (the same as my aunt, that's fun!) If you love anything Jane Austen, you should take this quiz and watch the movies that I mentioned!

Oh and I also like the movie "Shakespeare in Love" but it is not a Jane Austen story, just similar.

I am Emma Woodhouse!

Take the Quiz here!

Thanks Marie for the fun quiz!


Marie said...

You have to read Austenland. Steph just finished it and I know she loved it too. It's a great Jane Austed Escape!!

ashlynn said...

Emma is one of my favorites too

neffgang said...

Becky - It must be the year of Jane. The movie Becoming Jane is at the dollar movies and i'm going to take the kids sometime soon (it's PG). And I'm taking Bri to the new Jane Austen Book Club movie tonight. It looks like a total chick flick, so I hope he does't care. So you have to get this book marie suggested. I loved it and I gave it to Maclaine yesterday and she stayed up last night finishing it. Dev's in line next. It's for all the gilrs who just need a P&P episode IV fix.(A&E) Get is soon.

p.s. love the music

Miss Maclaine said...

Yes to Mom's comment! I loved this book! I haven't taken the quiz yet though - I'm betting I'll be either Jane or Elanore Dashwood...

ashlynn said...

Yeah - that you are taking FPU! Stick with it & you won't regret it!

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