how to: easy fall decoration

my mom and her cute friend deb were making these . . . so i joined in the fun! i thought they were such cute fall decorations that could last from sept. to nov. we also estimated the total cost of one set of three {as seen below} at about $10. we sort of made this up as we went so i hope my steps are clear. :)

so here is the how to:

start with a 2 pieces of fall colored fabric {cut to desired size - i.e. however big, tall, fat or small you want your pumpkin to be}. then put the right sides of the fabric together.

sew two of the sides opposite eachother, leaving the top and bottom open.

then, using jute and keeping the fabric inside-out, tie the bottom closed leaving a little bit of fabric - as shown.

then turn it inside out.

fill the bottom with one or two cups of rice. {for weight}

stuff it with polyester stuffing

take a longe piece of jute and tie the top closed, leaving the two tails for cute vines later . . .

then take the jute and wrap it around the pumpkin to create the lines, when your done, tie it at the top and then cut it, making sure to leave a long tail.

this is what the bottom looks like.

then take another piece of jute and wrap it around the fabric that was left at the top, creating the stem. put a small dab of hot glue at the top of the stem to hold it.

close up

then get the strings hanging down the sides slightly wet and wrap them around pencils and pens. let them dry while you are doing the previous steps to your other pumpkins.

this is what they look like after they dry.

then we hot glued cute fall leaves on the top to finish it off . . .

the finished product

the whole set. :) so cute!


hiking guide cody

i needed to get outside on saturday - so i called my hiking guide {cody} and he took me on a killer hike in snow canyon. the hike kicked my butt, but it was fun to get out and breathe!!! and see the beautiful views that are like 10 minutes from my house. so lucky!



i saw thriller with a bunch of fun girls on friday night at tuacahn. it has been here for the past few years and i've never seen it! i lalalaloved it! it was totally entertaining - funny, slightly scary and the dancing was amazing! we even got to see cutie matt dorame from sytycd as the lead dancer! he is yummy!

seriously - this is a must see!


if i lived in utah county

i would be going here today. so if you live there, please go and then tell me about all the fabulous finds you find!

thanks yho.

vintage coasters

love these and want them

found here. so cute!



not the best pic of it and i still need to add ribbon, but i had a lot of fun making this here.

happy 3rd

cute cake that my mom made!

fun party! he got tons of swords!


these watermelons

have been a lot of fun!

shane's cute little nieces even came over to pick some! cute girls!

nightmares . . .?

don't ask me why {maybe it's the required wardrobe, hair and makeup} but i have been having nightmares about working here - the dumb kind where you can't do anything and everyone is asking you for everything and it's not even open yet, even though . . . i was hired more than 2 months ago . . . they've had a few setbacks. don't get me wrong! the food and atmosphere is going to be fabulous, i am just not sure if it's the kind of fabulous that i want to work at . . . maybe i would rather just go eat there without having to worry about how to put fake eyelashes on . . .

so i think that they just need to hurry up and open up already so i can have this anticipation end and find out what it really is going to be like. i got a little taste with the friends and family training night, and there are a few kinks to work out . . .

but i guess you can at least enjoy leah's and my practice attempts at rockabilly 40's or whatever with the fake eyelashes and red lipstick, yeah.

not sure if i like taking an hour to get ready for work.


blurb giveaway

love giveaways! natalie is a super cute blogger that is giving away 4 blurb books! i have always wanted to try these things out . . .

**questions: have any of you tried the blurb books? and were you fully satisfied? are there better places to publish your blog or other things?

speaking of healthy

i subscribe to fitness ridge's blog on my google reader - they always have good tips from their nutritionist on there. today's post was about the most important meal of the day: breakfast. she linked to this website with 5 fun ideas and recipes for a yummy, healthy breakfast that will keep you full til lunch.

they all look very good and are also a good way to break up the monotony of my usual bowl of cereal . . .

**fitness ridge is the spa i used to be a hiking guide for {cody still works there - lucky!}

image via breakfast blogger.


this was a fun book. september's book club book. also recommended to me by my cute aunt steph and girls! thanks! loved it. it fullfilled my love of all things austen . . . just not quite as much as pride and prejudice :)


love that

my cute sister started a new blog. it's a great idea and much needed in my life. i am feeling less and less healthy as my days get busier and my bed, in the early morning, gets cozier. here is to buying carrots instead of chocolate, going to the gym instead of the couch, and making fruit smoothies instead of ice cream . . . this could be tough.

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