nightmares . . .?

don't ask me why {maybe it's the required wardrobe, hair and makeup} but i have been having nightmares about working here - the dumb kind where you can't do anything and everyone is asking you for everything and it's not even open yet, even though . . . i was hired more than 2 months ago . . . they've had a few setbacks. don't get me wrong! the food and atmosphere is going to be fabulous, i am just not sure if it's the kind of fabulous that i want to work at . . . maybe i would rather just go eat there without having to worry about how to put fake eyelashes on . . .

so i think that they just need to hurry up and open up already so i can have this anticipation end and find out what it really is going to be like. i got a little taste with the friends and family training night, and there are a few kinks to work out . . .

but i guess you can at least enjoy leah's and my practice attempts at rockabilly 40's or whatever with the fake eyelashes and red lipstick, yeah.

not sure if i like taking an hour to get ready for work.


Graham and Kate said...

Hot! I was going to ask you about that restaurant the other day. I hope it opens soon too! I'm not sure I'd be down for taking that long to get ready for work everyday though. :)

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