speaking of healthy

i subscribe to fitness ridge's blog on my google reader - they always have good tips from their nutritionist on there. today's post was about the most important meal of the day: breakfast. she linked to this website with 5 fun ideas and recipes for a yummy, healthy breakfast that will keep you full til lunch.

they all look very good and are also a good way to break up the monotony of my usual bowl of cereal . . .

**fitness ridge is the spa i used to be a hiking guide for {cody still works there - lucky!}

image via breakfast blogger.


Anonymous said...

k I am loving your blog posts. I totally just subscribed to this!

her name is kyl said...

the keeper. i got it in the mail today. HOORAH! it is so funny looking, but it lasts for 10 years, and only cost $35. so it pays for itself in basically 3 or 4 periods. and, you CAN'T get toxic shock syndrome because it is catching the blood, not absorbing it and drying your cervical wall out. so.. good for you and environment. and it has a 90 day guarantee, so if you don't like it, you send it on back.
I will be trying it out for the first time next time the crimson wave comes in. i am REALLY hoping i like it, because i think it is a grrreat idea! i'll let you know what i think of it =]
take care my dear. and i wish i was there to eat some of your home grown watermelon!

The Hale Fam said...

beck i am going to try p90x workouts- i am afraid cause I haven't been exercising, but I have got to get going on the unhealthy habits I am creating- so i love your post and I am totally with you! way to be inspiring!!!

Cathy said...

This is one of my common breakfasts! Love it! Love it for snack too. Yummy

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