long, lovely weekend

this thanksgiving weekend was much too short for my taste. i was enjoying my lazy mornings and my productive days and hanging out with my mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, niece, nephew, and boyfriend. :) i added the bf because with my crazy schedule we barely see each other, so it was nice to have a moment to hang out.

a random list of items from my grateful list:
gummy bears
sleeping in
connecting with family again
new laptop {happy christmas to me!}
a clean house
a water heater that works again {never realized how grateful i am for it, til now.}
vol. 25 {totally on my christmas list}
flight of the conchords

**yes, i did go to best buy on black friday. jeff and sara braved the crowds and cold night with me in our tent, on my trusty air mattress {with me on many the adventurous occasion}. we had fun and then crawled into bed until the afternoon.

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beckend designs @ tom & lucy's art shoppe

headed off to northern utah for the weekend for beckend designs first boutique. come visit us! it's going to be a party!

Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe - This weekend: 3 Day Holiday Boutique - (Nov. 19- Nov. 21) Lehi, UT

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beckend designs

i am excited to announce something my sister-in-law and i have been working on for the past few weeks: beckend designs! we have been working our tails off to get these babies ready for the boutique that we are participating in this weekend. {more to come on that soon}

beckend designs is our design shop and our first creations are coasters. I gave you a little taste in july and now we are really introducing our shop!

here are a few of our designs that are available to choose from:

more to come soon! for more information visit us here. or email us at beckenddesigns(at)gmail(dot)com!

which one is your favorite?

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german spritz cookies

made these lovelies for my final presentation in int'l biz. they were a hit.

it was fun to make them and finally use my cookie press that i have had for so long and never used! i think i will make more for christmas and involve the nieces and nephews in the fun.

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sand mountain

took the family on a fabulous hike a couple weeks ago. it was a gorgeous day in st. george, but when we got to sand mountain it was super cold and windy. michael fixed our mom a "coat" out of a blanket that was in the car and we were set. it warmed up as we hiked, but was still pretty windy. we took my mom's little dog, sophie, and she did awesome! so cute to see her hiking right along with with us.

best part of the hike was running down the sand mountain. here are mike, jeff and sara . . . mom took a little longer and so didn't make it on the video. :)

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