flying standby = 24 hours in an airport . . .

. . . but i guess we made the best of it.

caution: don't fly standby unless you have a really good book {thank goodness for eclipse and the host}, and are prepared to potentially spend the night in the airport and have a blow up mattress on hand that you are willing to blow up by mouth in order to have a semi-decent night's sleep . . . cause that's exactly what happened. :)

i'm pretty sure the money we saved wasn't worth it, but i think it's cause we stupidly tried to fly home on a sunday . . . we should have just waited til monday. :) oh well ~ you live, you learn, and sometimes you sleep in the atlanta airport.

taking turns . . . mom really had to concentrate :) so funny, i was past the point of frustrated at this point ~ just laughing at the situation.

pretty cozy for an airport

finally on an airplane home! yea!


Cami Kooka said...

hahaha awesome.

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