visiting cami in VA

so all the older gals in our fam {me, amy and my mom} decided to take a trip to visit my cute, performer of a sister, cami out in virginia, where she has a job performing at busch gardens for the summer! we were so excited to take this fun girls trip!

day 1 and 2 of the trip were mostly made up of traveling which was good and bad. good because the first day, me and my mom got to fly up to provo in this amazing private jet that our friend, dave, was flying up and said he had room for us! so we left a little earlier than expected so we could ride with him! so fun!

i totally got to be co-pilot! {look at how nice that plane is!}

just after we landed in provo

then we stayed the night at amy's {i was teaching her kids "down by the banks." they were so cute playing it with me}

the next day was our day flying {standby}!!! AAAHHHH! slight nightmare trying to get flights and we ended up in the atlanta airport all day!!! so dumb. but we were still smilin!

this is what we did to entertain ourselves ~ we were laughing pretty hard, cause those are some ugly faces we made! i added one of cami cause that's who we were going to see!


cami said...

mom looks gorgeous in that pic of you guys in the plane and she's in the back ground.
geez what a catch!! :)

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