colonial williamsburg ~ saturday morning

we visited colonial williamsburg on saturday morning! there were a lot of fun photo ops there . . .

across the water was jamestown island . . . so pretty

colonial parade {they have people all over dressed in colonial clothing ~ it's pretty fun}

check cami's face out in the photo below ~ classic :)

a pretty garden we found!


Meriel Frandsen said...

Sooo cool! I love Williamsburg. It was way cooler when you're younger and everything seems bigger and your imagination is more intense, but still, so cool that they preserved it so well. It makes me wish I lived during that time. So glad you guys had such a cool trip together! 4 Hot Babes having fun!

cami said...

haha those pic's are so good. i like the colloge (spelling??) i like the acting out pic's we took.

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