a plethora of reason's and highlights of the most funnest trip with my momma and sistas

20. getting to start the trip off a few weeks early with a four way phone call where you are not sure who is talking because you all sound so alike and hearing your sister say she is running around in the parking lot of her apartment because she is so excited you are coming to visit her

19. having someone to lean on, talk to, and share a movie with on the plane

18. taking pictures of each other's funny/ugly faces and laughing so hard you might pee your pants, just to pass the time spent in the airport

17. being reminded that even when you are on a trip you can still eat healthy ~ protein bars instead of hoho's . . . thanks ame

16. emotional breakthroughs in concourse D of the atlanta airport

15. screaming your lungs out for your sister and having the other performers wanting to hire you as professional audience members

14. running through the park and dodging people so as not to be late for your sister's last show and dancing in the aisles when you get there.

13. convincing your mom to go on one more roller coaster even though she claims she gets sick, then seeing her wind blown hair and smiling face after getting front row on the griffon and hearing her say that that was the best roller coaster she has ever been on, and totally agreeing with her

12. sharing a turkey leg the size of your arm and ripping it off with your teeth just like in the movies

11. swooning with your sista over josh's dimples and smooth moves up on the stage;)

10. using abbrev’s like tots, aws, ser and laughing every time someone slips one into the conversation, especially when it is someone besides your sisters and stopping them to ask if they really just said “dec” instead of decent and being so happy that he did.

9. telling your sister to pose for a picture right in front of someone who looks exactly like andre the giant and really focusing the entire picture on him not her

8. getting to share stories of roommates, boyfriends and husbands and getting advice and opinions that only a sister can give

7. watching your sister watch her new boyfriend play his guitar and seeing the twitterpation in her eyes

6. accidentally using your flash when trying to get a picture of the declaration of independence and getting really nervous that “they” will notice and take your camera away from you like they threatened

5. borrowing your moms toothbrush the entire time because you keep forgetting to buy one . . . and it doesn’t really matter cause she is your mom and you have the same germs anyway

4. spending the night at the airport with your mom, who you are so glad is there with you because if she wasn't there you don't think you could have been quite so optimistic about the situation

3. realizing how much you laugh the same, talk the same, walk the same and dance the same

2. watching your sister sing, dance and perform her heart out and bursting with happiness because that’s your sister up there and she is so good that you start dreaming of trips you will take to see her perform on broadway

1. remembering how much fun it is to be with your mom and sistas and that sharing a trip with them is incredibly fun and oh so memorable!


Cami Kooka said...

i love all of these! i'm bursting out loud in laughter right now! the declaration... the twitterpated boyfriend... the turkey leg the size of your arm. haha. and then just grinning inside as i'm reading the top 2.... love it beck :)

SUCH a good trip. i love girls trips. we really need to do them every year.

Jesse & Mindy Bird said...

It sounds like you had a blast! I'm off to a family vacation as well... I hope I have as much fun as you did!

petite lama said...

where have i been that you had time to make 7 posts since i last checked in? i am so heart jealous of this trip and your top 20 on it. all of my sisters have been out of town for what seems like eternity and my mom has been moving, yet again, so we none of us have had any good times together in eons.

thanks for giving me just a taste of the mommy/sistahs bond--it was a good fix until my own crew gets back together.

love you and your fam so much--you are my absolute favs. (one of our own abbreve. also...show show {shower}, perf de merf {perfect}, preshy {prescious} and my personal favorite breky {breakfast}

Amy and The Mack Pack said...

Perfect Sis! And Dito about everything! Also dito about what Cam said above!

Love you

Jasperson Family said...

Aren't sisters and moms great? I miss mine and am just so happy that I have three (of my own) best friends for the rest of my life.

Cathy said...

Love this post! You are a great group of women!! What a fun trip. Love you all!!

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