let's go fly a kite!

yea! i have been mia due to finals. . . but i am done with the spring semester and just checked my final grades. i'm pretty happy! so now time to catch up.

as part of my management class i volunteered at the kite festival. sara and my mom helped me out. we actually had a lot of fun, especially when our friends and family showed up!

the best was brad's amazing fishing pole kite flying contraption! it makes flying a kite so much easier! check out landon's glasses! he always wears these around even though they are missing one of the lenses. :) so classic!

we had a little hula hoop contest during the down times and i got pretty good by the end of the day!

riding the train with landon and sara! he loved this train!

landon and brad

there were a ton of cool kites there and it was so fun to see all the kites in the sky.


before and after

so i participated in the holt family biggest loser and got second by like a half a percent {damn those cookies that tempted me}. but overall i am happy about what i have lost and am trying to focus on the continuation of the healthy lifestyle afterward. but i will tell you that the before and after pictures are totally noticeable! {if you are my true friend i will show you them :)} if you are trying to lose weight and really go hard at if for a while i highly recommend doing before and afters . . . it kind of makes me sick when i look at the before pics, but totally happy that i can actually see a difference in the afters. i wasn't fat but i could definitely use the toning that i feel like my body got from this little contest so thanks marie! even though you beat me. :) hopefully i can continue and have those washboard abs that i totally want by the end of summer! here's to hoping . . . that someone will hit my hand really hard when i reach for that bowl of ice cream. who's volunteering?


Karen Holt added you as a friend on Facebook...

i love that my grandma just added me as a friend on facebook! she gets this technology thing better than my mom. :) thanks for the add grandma!

pay it forward - handmade

my cutie cousin, meriel, did this pay it forward thing. I was a lucky recipient to it, but didn't follow through with posting it on my blog . . . so if you want something as cute as i got that is handmade, then leave me a comment. i will send something to the first three commenters. but you do have to promise to pay it forward, even if it's not handmade. {but handmade is more fun}

look how cute the label on these were!

abc's fabric covered magnets! these were waiting for me when i got back from disneyland and i have been loving seeing them on my fridge! {i think she sells things like this on her blog so check her out!}

thanks meriel! you are so creative and they are so cute!

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