photo from a spontaneous saturday with my sister. love it. love her.

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everyone moved away

. . . and i hardly got any pictures. brad and kendall and family and aaron and sabrina and family both moved up to seattle, wa. i am pretty bummed about it. but mostly i will miss the kids. :) notice that's who I got the most pictures of.

sabrina and kendall at grandma elaine's a few days before they left.

dominic. i took a million pictures of this kid and he wouldn't look at the camera. he is so cute though.

landon and kailyn, the night we helped them pack the moving truck. not sure why landon is in his power ranger outfit, but i love it. i miss these little bugs.

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red rock and beatles love

visited leah in vegas with cody in september. it was a much needed weekend of hiking at red rocks {just outside of vegas}, going to bikram yoga for the first time {super hard and super HOT, but uh-mazing}, shopping and seeing my first cirque de soleil show: beatles love.

scary descent.

entrance to beatles love. such an amazing show!

loved my mini-vaca with cody and lea lea. :)

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zion with the girls

hiked hidden canyon with mom and sara back in july. :) I finally uploaded a bunch of pictures. this was such a fun day. we hiked hidden canyon {sara was sorta scared of the parts with chains}, went swimming in a fun swimming hole and then had lunch at oscar's in springdale. perfect day with the girls.

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