been a little busy

but i am still here. i haven't been outdoors much because the weather, even for st. g, has sucked. i am ready for the sunshine, then I plan on playing hard this spring and summer! school has been super busy and to top it off i have been eating healthy {takes more time and planning than i realized} and exercising! i just finished the 10 day challenge! hooray! but the funny thing about it, is the i thought i would be grabbing for the sweets by the time it was over but i totally am not. {which by the way is way awesome} i am still eating healthy and it is technically day 12, and i plan on sticking with it because the results have been AMAZING! i am pretty sure that i have lost at least a pant size, which i am way happy about. i have also been getting complements because people have noticed. yea! here i come swimsuit season!

also, i am in a visual tech/design class this semester. we had to design a logo and i decided to do a new one for the blog, so once i get it just the way i want it, i will do a little blog makeover! fun!

just wanted to let you know how it was going . . . :)



lately i have been seeing 1's on clocks and making wishes.

i love this postcard from postsecret.

i think i like it so much because it's a different way to let someone know that you wished for them. and it happened in real life. :)


the new january

so i have heard that february is the new january and i've decided that i am going to go with it. i started the dreaded 10 day challenge yesterday. dun dun dun. here i come skinny jeans! it is supposed to make you 1 pant size smaller . . . we will see. i signed up for this and am hoping to at least make some progress instead of totally ditching out on my healthy goals like last year. so far so good! the foods that you eat on this are really good and healthy. i feel better just knowing that i am eating healthier. amy's site will even help you out on what to do after the 10 day challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle - so check it out!

in other news . . . is anyone else watching the bachelor and loving it? who do you want to win? so far my favorites are jillian and molly. i still blame maryann for my obsession. :)

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