lately i have been seeing 1's on clocks and making wishes.

i love this postcard from postsecret.

i think i like it so much because it's a different way to let someone know that you wished for them. and it happened in real life. :)


Fashionably Kate said...

Cute.. I always make wishes on at 11:11..

Sabrina said...

im so glad to know im not the only one who did that :O

Taylor and Chelsey said...

thanks so much and I will have to check out her blog. Do you happen to know if they were febrile seizures (due to a fever)? The only reason I ask is because Tayson's are not febrile and the two seizures are totally different. Thanks again

Taylor and Chelsey said...

wow! Your aunt sounds very educated. I am still figuring this whole thing out. My dr. hasnt given me as much information as your aunt just did in the comment you left me. I will have to contact her. Thanks.

Bing said...

If you are curious about the 11:11 time prompts and are looking for more information please follow these links and they will help you immensely. The sole purpose of what I am sending you is so that you can find your own way at your own pace. It is not my intention to impose any beliefs on you or seek your membership in any organization; I am just here to help you find others who are much more knowledgeable than me. The links, books, videos and sites that I am sending you will start you on a journey that will take quite some time to process. This is the beginning of a life journey to further enlightment and spiritual illumination. The first link is to a great site concerning 11:11. Here you will meet many other 11'ers just like you and me of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. No one will think you’re crazy or odd. You will feel quite at home almost immediately and discover why YOU have been prompted. As you probably have now figured out the prompts go way beyond coincidence.




After a while you will notice that the prompts will change to include the number of the hour plus: 11, :22, :33 and so on. You will start to see the prompts on sales slips, licence plates of cars that “just happen” to pull in front of you and also on addresses. A book that I would recommend is “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue.


Here are some links that will help you to become a more caring and loving person.





Another topic that you may find interesting is Crystal and Indigo children. These are children that are being born with a raised level of consciousness. Some of them have two extra genes that allow them to see auras and be more psychically in tune. Here are some sites that will provide information on this topic.





These links leads to some short inspirational videos that I hope you will enjoy and pass on to others. I have no connection to the authors; I just like the messages.




Here is a link to a site that will help you to focus on the “Law of Attraction”. I have read these books and they come highly recommended not only by me but by many professional book reviewers and people who have followed their advice. These books will really bring what you want into your life.


This next link is to the inspirational writer Eckhart Tolle. He was a person who suffered from intense depression and despair. He found his way out of this life style into a life filled with learning to live in the now. His books, videos and lectures are known through out the world. He has helped many; many people find their way into better lives. I am including a link to his web site plus a link to a free course that you can sign up for. There are also a couple of free interviews on youtube that you can view



These two links are to great meditation music sites. The first one is a link to the music of Chuck Wild who goes under the artistic name of “Liquid Mind”. The second is to a on line radio station that is free and features 10,000 genres. This particular genre is “New Age relaxation music.



The following link is to a definition of the word Namaste which I feel should become more common place in our vocabularies. Whenever I feel myself becoming judgmental of others I say this word to myself and it puts me back in the right frame of mind. There is no “us and them” only “US”.


Well that's it for now. I would like your permission to put your name in my list of contacts. I hope that this information will help you on your journey to becoming a better person and to help raise the level of Life, Light and Love in our world. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I have many more inspirational videos, links and inspired messages that I can send you.

Throw some love into the wind

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