new waterfalls at havasupai

i am a big havasupai fan, been there 6 or 7 times, but i haven't been there in a couple years. last year there was a huge flood that re-routed the river and changed the landscape, in my opinion, dramatically.

one of the falls, navajo, isn't even there anymore and there are two new waterfalls. i was searching for pics on the internet of these new waterfalls and came across this blog. if you have ever been there you have to look at it. and don't forget page 2. it's so weird to me that havasupai is changed forever.

but i am sure there still will be good memories made there. :)


it's britney!

i was lucky enough to go to britney spears with sabrina a couple months ago and finally took these pics from her blog cause i didn't have my camera. it was awesome. pussy cat dolls opened up for her. i love the pussy cat dolls. they are just as sexy in real life . . . from like a million miles away. haha. and britney was good. it was quite the show and quite the circus! but i guess i expected her to at least actually sing her slow songs. oh well. she's britney, so she gets to do whatever she wants. thanks sabrina!

this is us in the vip lounge. awesome! totally got a free chair massage too!

pussy cat

britney bitch!


away we go.

this movie looks so good. it's already out, but unfortunately because i live in a town that doesn't like good movies . . . i have to wait. the actors in this are amazing and it looks like such a good story. below is the youtube preview, but i loved this one from apple, because it has interviews throughout from the main characters. :)


weekend adventure: kanarraville falls

me and my fam had a blast on sunday at kanarraville falls! i first discovered it last year. if you are looking for a fun hike with the family in southern utah - this one is beautiful and okay for kids if your a willing to carry them through a few of the water parts! just get off I-15 at kanarraville, just south of cedar city, and turn east on 100 north. park at the bottom of the hill and start hiking up the dirt road. it will turn into a river with somewhat of a trail. just follow the river up to waterfalls and beautiful slot canyons!

here are a few of the sights along the way!
landon - he wanted to be on the motorcycle we saw.

jocelyn, sara and kailyn

cool cave hole! {that's what landon called it}

beautiful! mom and jeff

silly landon and brad

in the slot canyon - almost to the waterfall!

kanarraville falls!

cutie kailyn being carried out. . .

we stopped in silver reef on the way home to look at the historic sites . . . can't believe i've never really looked at all of it. i have been out there, but never noticed how much was left of the old town and its silver mines. :) here we are crawling out over this 15o+foot deep silver mine hole. we actually found a geocache hanging from the rebarr. pretty cool.

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