the next american idol contestant?

one of the nights in disneyland our family was dancing in the audience of one of the entertainers in tommorrowland and scott pushed michael up to the front when she asked for a solo singer volunteer. we loved it. he loved it. and he did pretty good!

love you michael!


disneyland: part deux

disneyland with the whole family! we had so much fun!

love this sign!

amy and scott surprised us the night before with matching shirts! we did the matching shirt thing in disneyworld, a few years ago, as a joke and i guess the tradition is carrying on. so funny and fun!

notice cami's sweet fannie pack that she was sportin' all three days! and my new hair cut! sue and jared came for a day with their boys and aaron and sabrina were there all weekend too. it was a party!

trying on some hats. me, cami, sara, and amy ended up getting matching minnie hats!

we took landon on big thunder mountain railroad! he was barely tall enough and i don't think he knew what he was getting himself into. cami took all these pictures while the rollercoaster was going. he was so cute to watch! click on it and look at those facial expressions up close! priceless. :)

thanks mom and fam for a fabulous trip!


astro blaster

went to the magical land of disney this past weekend. it's been pretty busy and i haven't had time to post pics but i just saw this in my email and laughed. you get to email this to yourself after the ride! and don't mind the score . . . even though i look like i am way focused i totally sucked at this game. obviously.


happy spring

my first daffodil bloomed today! so pretty! hopefully there will be lots more to come. i planted a ton of bulbs in december. :)


sand mountain

went hiking on sunday to sand mountain with cody and another chick he works with at fitness ridge. it is just past leeds and so beautiful! it was the perfect day for hiking. i was hiking my butt off to keep up with these two professional hiking guides, but it was so fun! the end of the hike is this huge sand mountain that you get to jump down. check out these sweet action shots i got of cody!

funny pic . . . that's the sand mountain behind us!

cody running down it! {sorry it's sideways}

in other news . . . click here to see how festive me, cody and leah are thanks to cody's sister! haha! i love it! happy easter soon!


my mom moved.

so weird.

the house i grew up in is no longer where memories will be made.

i thought that i would take my kids there and have christmas and thanksgivings . . . and after the initial sadness of walking around it's empty rooms, i am okay with it. my mom and the few kids still at home have moved into a gorgeous new home that is perfect for them! she had a HUGE garage sale yesterday and you can only imagine how much was there after 15 years and 8 kids! it was really good for all of us to do some cleaning out and letting go. i have noticed that sometimes we let our stuff define who we are, and by letting a little bit or a lot of it go, it can simplify our lives more than we imagined. so it has worked out perfectly for my mom and the kids . . . a good moving on experience.



love the message of this video! i incorporated it into my management presentation yesterday. it's long, but at least watch the first 4 minutes of it.

hopefully it will inspire you to give out a few compliments today!


slumdog millionaire

i loved this movie. it was all-around amazing! best of all, it made me so grateful for my life.


i'm back!

busy or not . . . i need to stop neglecting my blog! :) because i miss it and really like it.

regular posting to resume . . .

as for today i am:

1. happy with how the bachelor turned out {even if it was somewhat of a roller coaster ride}

2. excited that jillian is the new bachelorette because i lalalalove her! {am also cursing abc for sucking me into yet another season of the bachelor/bachelorette}

3.practicing for my presentation tomorrow . . . yikes!

4. still trying my best to eat healthy and get to the gym everyday! {holt biggest loser contest ends march 31st! aaahhh!}

5. suggesting that anyone who wants helpful hints to living a healthy lifestyle join sparkpeople.com {annoying at first to get used to, but now i really like it}

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