sand mountain

went hiking on sunday to sand mountain with cody and another chick he works with at fitness ridge. it is just past leeds and so beautiful! it was the perfect day for hiking. i was hiking my butt off to keep up with these two professional hiking guides, but it was so fun! the end of the hike is this huge sand mountain that you get to jump down. check out these sweet action shots i got of cody!

funny pic . . . that's the sand mountain behind us!

cody running down it! {sorry it's sideways}

in other news . . . click here to see how festive me, cody and leah are thanks to cody's sister! haha! i love it! happy easter soon!


Lindsay said...

I was laughing so hard at your description: cody and some other chick from work.....haha

ps done any good puzzles lately?

beck said...

I know! so bad! I totally forgot her name . . . but she is a syphus and totally cute! I am better with faces anyway.

and the last puzzle i finished was without you because you ditched out and went to bed . . . lame.

Cindy said...

aw.........we havent done the sand mountain hike since we've moved to the new place!!! I wish we did it again!! I loved that hike!! But I also remember that it was Camerons least favorite after he had a very close encounter with a big ol rattler!!! ewww......
Thanks for the memories!!

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