4 years

This is a re-post from my sister cami's tumblr page and because they don't let you comment on tumblr pages, i wanted to tell my sister that she said it perfectly. i miss my dad. it would be so fun to have more conversations with him, more trips with him, more days with him. thanks cami for a great tribute.

it’s been 4 years since my dad has passed, so this post is dedicated to him….

my father is someone that….

makes sure you do what your mother says
holds back your hair when you are sick
lets you eat ice cream for breakfast
walks you down the aisle
gives you nicknames to make you feel extra special
isn’t afraid to acknowledge the elephant in the room
has the voice of a lion
but the heart of an angel
makes up songs about your friends names
gets kicked out of your basketball game because he’s yelling to loud
makes the best mix cd’s
is always up for a good discussions
pops your toes
gets all the cracks out of your back
is the best golfer
is the biggest jokster in the world
gives you money if you rub his feet
farts at the dinner table
is the best bargainer (he always lowered the prices)
cooks the best krepes in the world
scares your date by simply cleaning off his gun
is good at everything he does
rubs his stubbly face on your cheeks
teaches you how to drive stick
makes his presence known
is always up for camping
isn’t afraid to go up and talk to someone
lets you comb his chest hair
plays the guitar
writes songs about your mom
tells the best jokes
doesn’t like wearing ties
falls asleep while watching golf
tickles you until you’re about to pee your pants
scares your friends
obnoxiously squirts you with water
sits and plays with the kids for hours
is not afraid to throw you realllly high in the air
works extra hard
lets you cuddle with him
sings duets with you
makes an impression on everyone he meets
builds the best snowman’s
teases you about everything
master’s the “shoulder boppin” dance move
makes everything he eats look sooo good
gives you advice
makes you dream bigger then the stars
is filled with passion
loves you no matter what
tells you everythings gonna be okay
believes in you
and is always with you.

i love you, dad.

miss you dearly.

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