this is the 2nd week in a row we have met for lunch at judd's for soup, breadsticks and good conversation. love my fam!


i can read

my final i posted yesterday reminds me of this website, i can read. i was introduced to it by amy a week or so ago and have been loving it so far. read up.


let go

this was my final in my design class . . . i was so stressed by all my finals that i literally let go on this one . . . funny. :)



k. so i don't even watch tv or pay any attention to the whole swine flu craziness that is happening, but last night i woke up with the worst headache . . . so bad that it made me nauseous. so as i am laying there waiting for the ibuprofen to take effect my half awake self is freaking out thinking that i honestly have the swine flu - feeling aches and pains that are definitely flu-like symptoms. my dreams turned into me laying on a hospital bed telling my mom to get a lawyer cause i haven't ever written a will! totally thought i was going to die until, thank goodness, the painkillers took over and i finally fell into a sleep that didn't permit those kind of crazy dreams. i laughed at myself this morning, thinking how silly my sleepy self was . . .

is anyone else having swine flu paranoia?


on fire

this was one of the many cactus flowers we saw while hiking in red cliffs. the center looks like it is on fire. a sparkler. love it.


red cliffs

such a beautiful sunday! perfect day for an adventurous hike with the fam. :)

it was definitely a more advanced hike and it was cute to see mike and jeff help mom through it! she was so brave through all the parts that involved ropes. it was fun to have my family love it and feel adventurous. :)

we had so much fun!


strawberries freezing trick :)

i bought a ton of strawberries a few weeks ago from my fabulous neighbor who hooks me up with great deals from her store. she taught me a great trick for freezing strawberries to use in smoothies later so i thought i would pass it on!

i didn't do a great job with my documenting photos so i will just explain: all you do is cut the tops off the strawberries, wash them, and stick them upside down, individually on a cookie sheet and stick that in your freezer for a couple of hours, then take them off the cookie sheet and put them in a ziplock freezer bag. this way each strawberry is frozen individually! it's super easy and makes it even easier to get out of the bag when you are making those smoothies!

hope this was helpful! anyone have any good recipes that use frozen strawberries?


hardcore phone

i lost my phone last winter at this christmas party . . . needless to say i was way bummed and went back to my old phone, hoping that my cute little pink phone would soon be found.

well, my hope paid off because i got a call from the finder of my phone the other day! i was so excited! they found it outside the cabin that the party was at. it had spent the entire winter covered in snow and still works like a charm! i am amazed and convinced that lg makes the most hardcore phones ever! way to go little phone for lasting the winter!

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