annual hadley christmas extravaganza

this is the christmas party of all christmas parties, which is probably why they call it an extravaganza. i really don't think i have ever been to one that was more organized and fun than this one! quinn and nicole really outdid themselves this year.

nate, audry, cody, annika and i braved the snowstorm on saturday night and drove up to pine valley. it really was kinda scary driving up there. here we are warming up and eating the yummy food in the cozy cabin.

cody showing off his new coat and i think audrey is trying to eat the snow . . .

they had so many fun games lined up:
  • buzzer game: teams had to answer questions about others at the party
  • guess that christmas movie: we had to write down the names of the ones they had pictured on a poster board.
  • rootbeer guessing game: guess which kind of rootbeear is which and choose the best rootbear by taste.
  • white elephant gift exchange (hilarious)
  • the animal game (always so funny and this particular one had me crying laughing)
  • silent football

i think i ended up with the best, most classic type of white elephant . . . so funny!

quinn (with the help of his mother) made a purse from men's briefs! it was fully lined and interfaced and had a zipper! i was laughing so hard. i couldn't believe the work he and his mom put into this. classic! thanks quinn!

the whole happy group :)


Tara said...

I LOVE THAT PURSE!!! too funny!!! :)

kurt said...

cute bag!!! I only posted the pictures (Kolob) because of you.

kurt said...

oops, I was log in as Kurt....

Marie @ Make and Takes said...

I wish I had that for last nights party! I wish I had looked at this post yesterday!! I hope I see you wearing that next time your here!

Lindsay said...

I'm so sad we couldn't go, looks like it was fun as usual!

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