cruisin': day 7 and debarkation

the last couple days of the cruise we were on the boat and i hardly took any pictures. we basically layed out, worked out, went to shows and other fun activities on the boat.

i thought this picture of cody was funny! i had never seen him shave his head before! haha!

another fun towel animal.

gettin' off the boat

after 7 days i was ready and excited to come home . . . funny how that works.


Marie @ Make and Takes said...

I want to go on this cruise just to see the fun animal towels. They are crackin' me up!

Amy and The Mack Pack said...

I love that they do the towel shapes on cruises too- so fun! Becks, I love these pictures - I am so glad you had such a blast! Some of the pics are hilarious - I have been cracking up looking at them all! and some pics are just beautiful and make me so want to be there at that very spot!!! I LOVE cruises - Scott and I REALLY need to go on one soon!!!

I missed you on Thanksgiving - but I am way excited to see you this Christmas - we will be coming down the day after!

Love ya

PS. - I am jealous of your cleave! Fun cocktail dresses!

Lindsay said...

that is so funny of cody!

petite lama said...

becs g--looks like it was such an awesome trip. as i look out my window at the snow rolling in, i am already missing that warm sunshine. big loves to you and the fam. i'm thinking i need a weekend in st. george just to hang with the glausers!!!



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