christmas apron

i whipped this baby up for a handmade white elephant party. it turned out so cute and i wanted to keep it! oh well.

i even added a touch of baby rickrack :)

apron model . . .

*i may be slightly obsessed with making aprons, so if you get one from me don't be surprised


Karly Staples said...

This is so adorable becky!

Cher & Nate said...

I want one!!!!! You should put them on Etsy and sell them they are so cute!

Tara said...

so cute...you are too crafty!! I totally want one! When the Christmas craziness dies down do you think I could get you ta make me 4 of those...4 kids ones! I would love it...just let me know how much you charge!!! My kids would all LOVE their own aprons!

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