see ya in 7

i'm off to the mexican riviera! adios amigos!

being a homeowner

it's been two good years. my thoughts right now about homeownership:

the market has obviously been crazy, so i am trying to be as optimistic as possible and am grateful that i am not in over my head with this house.

it's a big commitment. especially when you are single and want to have the option of moving around more. for some reason i didn't realize this.

it's good because it's yours, the responsibility is huge though, if something breaks, you have to fix it. :) and you also take a lot more pride in making everything look good and work well.

it's been good for me to figure out what i like and what i don't like about this house. what i would do differently and what i would do the same. i will definitely have more of an opinion on my next purchase. :)

owning this home + being in the business i am have taught me lessons about mortgages and real estate that will help me the rest of my life.

this house has brought such amazing people into my life and such amazing lessons that i will forever be grateful for choosing to own this home. it has really helped me stretch and grow.


if you love me, spoon me

cody showed me this yummy place to get a healthy treat. check them out. for all you st. georger's, it's by the pineview stadium 10. my favorite was all the fruit they had to put on it. they even had pomegranate seeds! and it comes with 3 toppings. love it! oh and they have funny sayings on their clothes.


andre the giant?

i was going through old pictures and found this gem. my sister, cami and i tried forever to get a good picture of this kid when we saw him. i think he totally knew i wasn't taking a picture of cami. i need to work on my being sneaky skills, but doesn't he totally look like andre the giant {fezzik} from princess bride? maybe it's his son . . . ?



at 1pm on saturday, i got a phone call from my sista amy. "do you want to be totally spontaneous and drive up to salt lake and go to the new kids on the block concert with me? i have free tickets?"

so of course i went. i didn't even have time to try to download their music or anything. {i wanted to try to maybe know some of the words at the concert} i remembered a few songs - considering i was like 5 when they were big i thought that was pretty good. anyway, we ended up going with my two other cousins, devon and ruby. {it was ruby's first concert! she is 12 and so cute} natasha bedingfield opened - loved her and her cute british accent. and nkotb was totally entertaining, even though i didn't know all the songs. who doesn't like to watch 5 hot men sing and dance? amy has the pics so it may be a little while, but i will post them as soon as i get them! :) it was funny because their concert was way longer than any of us thought it would be. i think they really liked the attention!

me and amy looked at each other in the concert and we both realized how much we love boy bands! {i guess in their case it's "man band"}

for your viewing pleasure: their first single on the new album

their first single ever {i think} gotta love joey's voice in this. he's like 12 or something.

this is their newest single and i really like it!


i luff to read

did i mention that i joined a book club blog a couple of months ago? it's fun! if any of you want to join click here and let robyn know that you want in. not only do you get to expand your horizion's in reading, but it's online and a little easier for all of us to fit into our busy schedules, so come on!



i stumbled into my house last night at about 10:30pm cursing my high heels for making my feet hurt so bad . . . it was dark and quiet, which is rare for my house. kicking my shoes off into my room i make my way to the kitchen, because where else do you go when you just get home? man this place is a mess. i could have sworn i cleaned it up and did the dishes this morning before work. i look in my sink. how is it possible for roommates to use that many dishes in one day? there are like twenty bowls in there. i look down. wait a second. that's not my dishwasher. that dishwasher is way nicer than the one that i loaded with dishes this morning.


scott did mention that he had a present for me. i didn't expect this. more tears.

i know crying over a dishwasher is lame, or maybe i am just too emotional, but more than anything the tears came from the thought that something was just taken care of for me. i didn't have to call a repairman for my sick retarded dishwasher or go shop and compare prices for a new dishwasher. it was just there. all taken care of for me. shiny new stainless steel. thank you so much brother for this amazing gift and more than that, that you just did it. that you just took care of it. i can't express to you how much this dishwasher makes me smile because in the end. it's the thought that counts.


that's why god made mexico

don't mind me if this is where i will be for thanksgiving!

it was kind of weird deciding not to be with family and eat the traditional food, but i think feeling the sands of mexico between my toes will take my mind off of that. ;) i am very excited to get away and just relax! it's been awhile!

finally open

haven is finally open!

come and eat!

the food is really good and the chocolate cake is yummy!

p.s. so i was having anxiety about working there yesterday morning when i woke up, but all went well, actually way better than expected! so i was happy! the restaurant looks great and for now i think it will work with my schedule. :)


sunday hike

a short and fun hike on sunday with the fam and a couple friends! it was such a gorgeous day!

the pic on the right is scott helping mom down from a "scary" part. haha! she's a trooper! see in the video below.


random halloween moments

halloween was random this year. it kind of crept up on me and i didn't have a plan for a costume, but everyone else did!

isn't my mom cute? she made the skirt!

i ran into scott as captain america at my mom's house! i walked in and there he was posing! i made him pose again for this pic.

brad and kendall were trick or treating around my mom's house. how cute are they!? kailyn got the ups costume from her grandpa jasperson! she held that box so close all night!

they were so cute to watch trick or treat! landon would softly say "trick or treat" and kailyn would go straight for the candy!

i was lame and didn't have a costume on yet . . .

following tradition, we couldn't miss the green valley mansion! they seriously deck this place out and it is huge! it was fun to just hang out by the waterfall on the warm halloween night.

we joined captain america and superwoman for a little halloween party later.

i finally put on my 20's flappper costume for the party. awesome face, i know . . .

happy halloween!

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