that's why god made mexico

don't mind me if this is where i will be for thanksgiving!

it was kind of weird deciding not to be with family and eat the traditional food, but i think feeling the sands of mexico between my toes will take my mind off of that. ;) i am very excited to get away and just relax! it's been awhile!


Annika said...

Wow. I am even more excited. Considering that I am a total virgin when it comes to all that, probably no wonder :) Yeahh, we will go to Mexico.. on a cruise... hip hip hurray

Graham and Kate said...

LUCKY!!!That sounds WAY better than Thanksgiving..

neffgang said...

Becks -

Nice work! We were in Cabo on a cruise a few weeks ago. Make sure you snorkel at Pelican rock (which is only about 300 yards towards the marina from Land's End.


Matt & Chalyn Reed said...

thanks for making those cute pumpkins i had to make them too. have fun in mexico that sounds like fun. i will be in like 10 feet of snow and you will be in the ocean. :(

(cody's little sister)
(if you want to see my pumpkins)

petite lama said...

becs g---i'm all over that stop for thanksgiving!!! seriously--how smart and amazing is god--to invent a place like that!!!!???? i am in a place like that right now--buzios--a beach town in brazil and can't help but love to breath in amazing happiness as i sit here, in the sun, on the beach...and connected to the internet (am i a little crazy? my time for checking blogs is so limited lately that this is a joyously stolen moment)

big kisses to you and the fam!!!>


Tara said...

so jealous!!
Have soooo much fun!!!!!!! :)

Graham and Kate said...

Hey! Thanks for the birthday wishes..

As for Haven.. loved the atmosphere, { a little posh for me though,} loved the mac and cheese, and spinach salad. We unfortunately HATED the tomato soup.. {way to salty.}
Maybe you could pass this along?
I think that we'd go back. Love that it's locals and that it's new and different! :)

Graham and Kate said...

oh.. and it is the A&E version of P&P... Don't know where I got the BBC from.. hmm. :)

Scott & Rach said...

MEXICO baby! where in mexico are you going and with who? sounds like fun. hope your going with your bf.

Cindy said...

If I were given a choice...Hawaii or Mexico?? I would choose MEXICO!! For some reason, I've left my heart and soul in Cancun and its proximity!!! Have fun!! I know you know how to do that!!

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