at 1pm on saturday, i got a phone call from my sista amy. "do you want to be totally spontaneous and drive up to salt lake and go to the new kids on the block concert with me? i have free tickets?"

so of course i went. i didn't even have time to try to download their music or anything. {i wanted to try to maybe know some of the words at the concert} i remembered a few songs - considering i was like 5 when they were big i thought that was pretty good. anyway, we ended up going with my two other cousins, devon and ruby. {it was ruby's first concert! she is 12 and so cute} natasha bedingfield opened - loved her and her cute british accent. and nkotb was totally entertaining, even though i didn't know all the songs. who doesn't like to watch 5 hot men sing and dance? amy has the pics so it may be a little while, but i will post them as soon as i get them! :) it was funny because their concert was way longer than any of us thought it would be. i think they really liked the attention!

me and amy looked at each other in the concert and we both realized how much we love boy bands! {i guess in their case it's "man band"}

for your viewing pleasure: their first single on the new album

their first single ever {i think} gotta love joey's voice in this. he's like 12 or something.

this is their newest single and i really like it!


Graham and Kate said...

Lucky! Who wouldn't want to see them shake their stuff! Great weekend indeed! :)

Lindsay said...


Jasperson Family said...

Love it!! I was a big fan due to hammy downs from my sisters. Nevertheless I LOVED those guys.

neffgang said...


My kids can't stop talking about their older cousins taking them to a great concert.

You and Amy are the best!


Carly and Cameron said...

Oh JEALOUS!!! NKOTB are here today and I WISH I were going!!! Please Don't Go Girl is my hit! I always loved Joey the best. Are they super sexy now or what?! I'm glad you had fun! :)

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