andre the giant?

i was going through old pictures and found this gem. my sister, cami and i tried forever to get a good picture of this kid when we saw him. i think he totally knew i wasn't taking a picture of cami. i need to work on my being sneaky skills, but doesn't he totally look like andre the giant {fezzik} from princess bride? maybe it's his son . . . ?


Sabrina said...

He really does, and I have to second that your skills on being inconspicuous need some fine tuning... Ryan and scarlett ring a bell :)

Kristen Westbrook said...

So by chance..........Do you remember when we made the Princess Bride movie for English and I was lucky enough to be Andre the Griant!!!! Hahahha and Lindsay was the litte crazy guy with the bald wig...........hahahahha oh man I am laughing so hard just thinking about it!

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