training . . .

monday: 2 miles
wednesday: 2 miles
friday: 2 miles
saturday: 3miles

week total: 9 miles

i know it doesn't sound like much, but i have until may for the half marathon and til june for the wasatch back! i am starting slow and hoping to stay consistent and not over do it. i trained too hard for the marathon a year and half ago and ended up not being able to run . . . :( so this is the slow and consistent training plan to prevent it.

and did i mention how nice the weather was down here on saturday afternoon as i was out running in my yoga pants and tank top! :) love the saint george weather


johnson's arch

i took my family on a little sunday afternoon walk/hike to johnson's arch! my family had never been and i think they liked it! it is 1.75 miles round trip and is a perfect little hike for all ages! the trailhead is just outside the south entrance to snow canyon state park.

i love that we have cool arches like this so close to home!

me and my mommy ~ there was a cool alcove just beyond the arch

me and jeff ~ climbin' around!


forgotten christmas

the title is what it is, because i just got out my camera and realized that i took christmas eve pics and never posted them, so i am posting them because i thought the pics were so fun, i just couldn't have my blog be without them. :) enjoy!

yummy homemade lion house dinner rolls! and cute candy cane design ~ love 'em

scott thinks he's tough . . .

kendall and landon bein' silly at the dinner table!

me and sara ~ self portrait pose :)

kailyn is getting sooo big! and is so cute!

the girls . . .{notice cami's nice christmas sweater vest~so good!}

this one makes me laugh! the boys all got nerf guns with matching vests and glasses, so of course they have to take off their shirts and try the whole outfit on! haha

the mckinnons weren't with us on christmas eve but i visited them a few days earlier and got this cute pic! silly kids!

gotta love christmas with the family :) i do!


catching up list . . .

1. started school got overwhelmed with 12 credits so i dropped it down to 6 {and yes i do work full time}

2. have rediscovered how much I like reading novels {i have been reading the kite runner. i rarely read novels, i'm usually all about the "be a better person books" - sorta lame, i know}

3. have started going to movies again {loved JUNO! liked p.s. i love you - sorta hit close to home - teary eyed. am very excited to see 27 dresses - sort of a trend lately to see chick flicks}

4. getting used to life without the pasta factory {yes, i have officially quit - which means i can't go back!}

5. fallen in love with google reader {a more efficient way to waste my time - you should check it out}

6. have decided that i need to get outside again {it has been too long, but my sad excuse is the cold weather - nice huh?}

7. done a lot of thinking lately {what am i doing with my life? am i being true to myself? following my heart? am i listening? what is it that i LOVE? oh the wandering mind. . . }

8. decided that even though there are hard times, the reason i am here is to ENJOY life and i get to choose if i want to find the joy in things or cry about it? {sometimes i cry, realize that i just needed a good cry and then continue enjoying :) }

9. oh and a very exciting thing! signed up to run the wasatch back race with the holt side of the fam! its a lot like the HTC race that i ran with them last summer. {super siked for it}

10. and its friday - excited for the weekend!


24 . . .

i am not sure how i feel about those two numbers. today is my 24th birthday. yea! {not so sure if that was enthusiastic or not} actually, i'm really not one of those people that hates their own birthday. in fact it has been a pretty good one. :) i have good family and friends that really take care of me - that or they are really great at faking me out ;) i guess i just can't believe that i am actually 24! it seems like such an old number. my brother michael's birthday is tomorrow. he is turning 16! i remember being a kid and talking to him saying "oh my gosh, when you are 16, i will be 24!" now it's real and it doesn't seem real. . . but i am going to make it one of the best 24th years of my life! :)

happy birthday to me


everybody's got one . . .

. . .this is mine:

to visit this site everyday!

(special thanks to mindy and jesse for introducing me to this site)

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