catching up list . . .

1. started school got overwhelmed with 12 credits so i dropped it down to 6 {and yes i do work full time}

2. have rediscovered how much I like reading novels {i have been reading the kite runner. i rarely read novels, i'm usually all about the "be a better person books" - sorta lame, i know}

3. have started going to movies again {loved JUNO! liked p.s. i love you - sorta hit close to home - teary eyed. am very excited to see 27 dresses - sort of a trend lately to see chick flicks}

4. getting used to life without the pasta factory {yes, i have officially quit - which means i can't go back!}

5. fallen in love with google reader {a more efficient way to waste my time - you should check it out}

6. have decided that i need to get outside again {it has been too long, but my sad excuse is the cold weather - nice huh?}

7. done a lot of thinking lately {what am i doing with my life? am i being true to myself? following my heart? am i listening? what is it that i LOVE? oh the wandering mind. . . }

8. decided that even though there are hard times, the reason i am here is to ENJOY life and i get to choose if i want to find the joy in things or cry about it? {sometimes i cry, realize that i just needed a good cry and then continue enjoying :) }

9. oh and a very exciting thing! signed up to run the wasatch back race with the holt side of the fam! its a lot like the HTC race that i ran with them last summer. {super siked for it}

10. and its friday - excited for the weekend!


Cathy said...

I love your list. You are a great example for me!! I'm adopting some of your thoughts for my own! Love ya.


neffgang said...

Hey, RB.

Thanks for this list.

Thanks also for your thoughtfulness. Thanks for being a great niece. Thanks for your inherent goodness.

When you look back on your life (a few years later) you'll find that your life will have been defined by how you answered the struggles that were given to you to conquer.

That said, I'm confident that your life is and will be a great blessing to those around you, and you'll find a great satisfaction in being true to yourself.


neffgang said...

RB was supposed to be RG, in case you are wondering. It's just that the B and the G keys are kinda close to each other on the keyboard.

By the way - our van at HTC rocked. Let's make sure we get a great van again - one where we can crank the tunes we love!


Ash said...

i loved Kite Runner

nice update... and no more PF :( jk... WAHOO!! you work to much and don't need to anyway

Meriel Frandsen said...

I love Google reader! I use it too now thanks to Marie. I just don't like how you can't comment through it.

I'm excited about the race too. I can't believe I'm doing it. I hate running so much. Uh, oh. Actually, I know exactly why I signed up for it! I need to get in shape!

Cindy said...

great list Becky! Hey- if you are no longer at Pizza Factory, and you want to get back outside, why dont you come back to Fitness Ridge!!!??? I think thats a great idea!! Miss you out on the trails with us. I'll miss seeing you at the Pasta Factory too! Change is good too!

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