training . . .

monday: 2 miles
wednesday: 2 miles
friday: 2 miles
saturday: 3miles

week total: 9 miles

i know it doesn't sound like much, but i have until may for the half marathon and til june for the wasatch back! i am starting slow and hoping to stay consistent and not over do it. i trained too hard for the marathon a year and half ago and ended up not being able to run . . . :( so this is the slow and consistent training plan to prevent it.

and did i mention how nice the weather was down here on saturday afternoon as i was out running in my yoga pants and tank top! :) love the saint george weather


petite lama said...

are you kidding me you young and agile just barely 24 year old? if 9 miles a week were the very pinnacle of my training schedule i would be thrilled!

i't been just like pulling teeth to get to yoga these days--so keep up the great work, and i'm glad you guys are doing a race closer to home, will be fun to cheer you on.

Cami Kooka said...

yeah but didn't it snow?
anyway, i love you. good luck trainin for you race.

...as you can see i'm just delaying my homework... i'm blogging instead... haha gotta love college.

Kim said...

Good luck on the training. I am with you on that. I started training too hard and my knees almost couldnt take the race but I backed off at the end and made it.

neffgang said...

yay! i'm so excited to do wasatch back with you again! good luck with training, i'm proud of you!
(aka favorite cousin)

Daniel said...

... like soulmates, i also started to train for the half marathon this year 2 weeks ago. my attitude to the training is the same, starting slow running fast in the end :) i try to do my training below the point of aching knees ... yesterday i had a run over 6.7 km ~ 4.2 miles but in slow 42 minutes.

so keep on running ... greets from cold germany
- daniel

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