yet another

post about sex and the city. i am going to blame mary ann for the obsession. . . ;)

i just found out that the trailer was out and just watched it! I am so excited! It is coming out in may 2008!

jezebel gives you a full play by play on it and you can go to this site to see it on a bigger screen. i still haven't taken the time to figure out how to put a video from you tube on this site.



my little house at christmas!

these are my cute christmas decorations. you can't see them very well, but trust me - they are way cute ;) i love having the christmas lights on and listening to fun christmas music!


financial peace university

for the past 13 weeks i have been attending a class called "financial peace university." it is taught by dave ramsey through dvd and then a live instructor. i heard about it off of ashlynn's blog and checked it out. i loved the class! i learned a lot and i love my instructor lindsay germer. so this past week was our last class and we decided to do potluck. cody and i have been going to this class together and got the dessert assignment. so since this class is all about paying off debt and building wealth we decided we would be funny and make this cake so that when we cut into it, we would be "cutting into debt." that last phrase is what we named our masterpiece! :)

we thought we were so clever!

so if the class is ever taught in your area you should go to it! dave ramsey is a great teacher and speaker. he keeps you entertained, while giving you a lot of info and inspiration!
now - time to build some wealth!


oh it's a jolly holiday

sunday night gingerbread making fun at mom's house!
i really loved this because most of the family was there and it made me really feel like christmas was here! i love my family.

this is my masterpiece ;)

sooo much candy!

cami is back from pittsburgh! so fun to have my sis back home!

my cutest mom serenading us with christmas music while we decorated our gingerbread houses!

cami did her university instead of a house!

this is scott and jeff's project . . . sort of a ski lodge, if you will. the other side was like a dollhouse inside with the furniture all made out of candy. it was cute! jeff was very dedicated to finishing it. :)


condos and snow and such

this last weekend me, scott and cami went up to brianhead ski resort to our glauser cousins' condo. there were tons of people there, some that we knew and some that we didn't know, but we played games and played in the snow. it was a blast! thanks for inviting us keesha and mikki!

these are pics of all the glausers that were at the condo. we found our long lost cousin, michael glauser. he is the one on the far right. he is our 3rd cousin apparently and is from salt lake. who'd a thunk? but of course he was totally fun, like all us glausers are! and that's mikki and keesha glauser in the middle :)
cozy wozy . . .

we thought we had such a great idea with this tarp covered mattress as a sled and our plan didn't work out quite as well as we thought it would . . . i'll upload the video at the bottom!
we were so scared to jump on this thing because we were on a way steep hill and were expecting to go way fast . . . yeah, it wasn't quite as fast as we thought it would be . . . but still fun! nerds . . .

a little chistmas spirit

i got this in my email. this is a good one, you'll want to listen to it!

A child wiser than many adults...
A remarkable phone call from a 12-year-old boy to Houston radiostation FM 89.3; so profound, the station has it posted on theirwebsite. Click above to listen to it. It's short .


one with nature

playin around in snow canyon on a sunday afternoon. . .

cold toes

cool reflections

saturn vue . . . nuff said


so darling . . .

. . . save the last dance for me. baby don't you know i love you so . . .

i love this song! it's #8 on michael buble's "it's time" album. i must confess that i have been having dance parties in my car when i'm by myself to this song. it's kind of an older one and I really like it. just thought i would fess up to dancing and singing loudly in my car to this. you should try it out! i am convinced it makes my day go better! and i will admit that when i do this, i wish any or all of my family members were with me to add to the sweet dance moves and slightly off key singing. (although i might be the only one off-key)



it is my good friend lindsay's birthday today! she is so cute and I just want to wish her a happy birthday! she is 23 and an awesome mother of two!

and yesterday was my sister, Cami's birthday! happy birthday cami! she's 19! so crazy!

love you both!


star struck

so i had a celebrity sighting today! not just any celebrity sighting . . . these were big time celebrites!

there i was sitting at jazzy java eating my soup and sandwich on my lunch hour with shane and adam and this couple walks in . . . looking very incognito. at first i just thought that it was a silly st. george couple trying to be trendy, but they were being kind of funny, the girl never took her hand away from her face and when she did, she looked so familiar. i leaned into my fellow lunch eaters and said . . . that totally looks like scarlett johanson . . . then i took a better look at the guy and he looked like that guy on "just friends" . . . ryan reynolds. so needles to say i spotted scarlett and ryan grabbing a coffee at jazzy java in st. george on bluff street! totally crazy! we asked for their autograph and he calmly replied "sorry guys, i think we are just going to roll out of here" nice line, huh? i tried to get pics but none really worked seeing as at first i was trying to be discreet. so the couple rolled out in their volvo suv with california plates. so funny, what an unlikely thing to happen, especially in st. george!

these aren't the best pics and he didn't have a beard and she had a nose ring . . . the kind that bulls have between the middle of their nose . . . not sure what those are called. and they were a lot littler than i would have expected, i guess that's how it always is . . .

seeing them and getting the whole star struck feeling made me ponder about the obsession we have with celebrities . . . we totally worship them! it's sorta crazy and i sorta hate it but nonetheless i was still excited to see this newly formed hollywood couple!


i'm thankful

for family functions where at first you feel awkward because you are hugging these random family members that you haven't seen in forever . . . and by the end of the night you are talking, laughing, playing games and even crying with these fun relatives that really are dear friends that you just forgot about! hooray for family functions!


one fabulous year!

today is the one year mark of buying my first house! yea! me and scott bought our cute townhome one year ago. i still live in it with roommates. scott moved back into mom's house to save money so he could go to massage therapy school.

i love my house!


the fine art of bedhead

it is my belief that my mother has perfected the fine art of bedhead. (this is not just a one time occurence) i'm pretty sure the pics speak for themselves . . . too good!

my mom, jeff and sara slept over last night, this is the fun pancake breakfast in the morning!


fun day

hiking in snow canyon

this part was way narrow

ate at big ben burgers and went swimming afterward . . . it sort of felt like a saturday from high school.

being nerds in the pool with my fun digital underwater camera.
(yes it can totally go under water! very nice at the beach and at waterfalls and swimming, etc!)


ode to cami

To my little sis . . .

(explained in the post below)

. . . who can always make me laugh
(wisdom teeth out)

. . . who has an awesome ghetto bootie

. . . who is amazingly gorgeous

. . . who I love


the stars are not aligning . . . and I won't be going to visit Cami in Pittsburgh. :( Such a bummer. So I just wanted to dedicate a little post to my cute sister, who I love very much and I want her to know that! Love you Cam!

Please see above post . . . :)


the carving o' the pumpkins

quite the pumpkin carving weekend

my two pumpkins . . . so proud of them :) one on sunday night with the fam and the other on saturday night with friends

cute porch

dennis - the chef 0' the roasted pumpkins seeds

so fun!

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