financial peace university

for the past 13 weeks i have been attending a class called "financial peace university." it is taught by dave ramsey through dvd and then a live instructor. i heard about it off of ashlynn's blog and checked it out. i loved the class! i learned a lot and i love my instructor lindsay germer. so this past week was our last class and we decided to do potluck. cody and i have been going to this class together and got the dessert assignment. so since this class is all about paying off debt and building wealth we decided we would be funny and make this cake so that when we cut into it, we would be "cutting into debt." that last phrase is what we named our masterpiece! :)

we thought we were so clever!

so if the class is ever taught in your area you should go to it! dave ramsey is a great teacher and speaker. he keeps you entertained, while giving you a lot of info and inspiration!
now - time to build some wealth!


Cindy said...

You two are so clever you've left me speechless!! I'd love to have you as party planners!! Its all in the details you know?! I bet the cake was the hit of the pot luck! It sure has made me smile.

Jesse & Mindy Bird said...

Good job, Cody and Becky! When I first saw the picture I thought it looked like you were advertising for Visa... it looks good! (and yummy)

ashlynn said...
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ashlynn said...

The cake is awesome - but finishing the class is the coolest! Good job lady - I am proud of you! What step are you on??

My work is offering it right now to employee's & so far everyone is loving it.

becky said...

I am sort of on step two and three. I am working on paying off my car right now!

Stephanie said...

Very creative! "Cutting the debt..." ha-ha. :)

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