yet another

post about sex and the city. i am going to blame mary ann for the obsession. . . ;)

i just found out that the trailer was out and just watched it! I am so excited! It is coming out in may 2008!

jezebel gives you a full play by play on it and you can go to this site to see it on a bigger screen. i still haven't taken the time to figure out how to put a video from you tube on this site.



Lindsay said...

We'll have to go see it together...just don't tell Matt!

Anonymous said...

Becky I love your blog! I can't believe I still haven't seen you since I have been home. We had our "Six" party last night with all of our friends. You will have to ask cami what she gave me... hilarious!

llama farmer said...


you'll have to ask your cousin sue about the costume she wore to our season 3 premiere party, she might even have a photo or 2 hanging around.


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