oh it's a jolly holiday

sunday night gingerbread making fun at mom's house!
i really loved this because most of the family was there and it made me really feel like christmas was here! i love my family.

this is my masterpiece ;)

sooo much candy!

cami is back from pittsburgh! so fun to have my sis back home!

my cutest mom serenading us with christmas music while we decorated our gingerbread houses!

cami did her university instead of a house!

this is scott and jeff's project . . . sort of a ski lodge, if you will. the other side was like a dollhouse inside with the furniture all made out of candy. it was cute! jeff was very dedicated to finishing it. :)


Amy and The Mack Pack said...

Oh my gosh Beck! I so wish I could have been there for that fun decorating night. I sure miss my family this holiday season. I can't wait to come home the this weekend. It was also so good to have you stay with us. Love ya.


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