swimmin' with kailyn

went swimming today with mom, sara, leah and kailyn. . .

havin' fun with the underwater camera . . . love it!

cutest chubby legs ever!

fun with the waterfall

smiles :)

she loved walking under it! look at that little mischievous face - so cute!

whoa water :)

our friends linds and matt joined us later with their two kids, ella and kash!


climbing in veyo - crawdad canyon

veyo is a tiny town about 20 minutes away from st. g. there is a cute place called the veyo pool resort that has a pool, climbing and a cute little snack bar! we love to go there in the summer because it's cooler and the climbing is all in the shade. :)

isn't it pretty? there are tons of little picnic areas with bbqs and a sand volleyball court there too!



me, in my natural sprawled state, belaying leah . . .

after i noticed cody had caught me on camera i decided to do it like a lady ;)

cody - leading one of the climbs!

totally buff!

so much fun!


breakfast with mary ann

i had breakfast with my cute, kindred spirit, friend wednesday morning. she was only in town for a few days and was so busy she had to squeeze me in for breakfast, so i gladly accepted! it was a nice change and so good to catch up! we ate at twentyfive main. it is a cute restaurant that a friend of mine owns and another friend manages. loved the food and you should definitely go for all three meals!


the incredible holts are back!

this past weekend june 20-21st i ran the wasatch back relay with a group or 14 family members and friends (12 runners, 2 drivers). our team name was incredible holts! it is a 181 mile relay race through the back country of the wasatch mountains from logan to park city. there were way more elevation/altitude challenges than i expected, as well as the hot and cold temperature ranges. . .

i know you are probably thinking we are crazy people for attempting this, and we probably were, but the amazing team work and the fun bonding that goes on creates memories that last forever! it was so hard, and yet so rewarding to run this and spend the weekend with these amazing people! i was so impressed by everyone, we were all pushed beyond our limits this weekend! i love all of you and am so glad we were able to run together, cram into suburbans together, tell funny stories and jokes, go through a traumatic event and really support and help each other through it!

this is the whole team at g&g holt's the night before the race! we had the awesome hulk hands and made quite the impression with them at the starting line the next morning! if you know me at all . . . you know how loud i can be! :) i love it!

running my first leg of the race, up avon pass towards huntsville, ut. 7.4 miles up a 1200 ft climb in elevation. whew . . . glad that's over. (my total mileage for the race added up to 17.6 miles)

i passed the baton to cody who ran down avon pass . . .

me and cody right before i ran my third leg of the race, looking down on jordanelle reservoir.

my cute mom and me. she was the driver for the suburban that i rode in. i loved having her there! she had such enthusiasm! she would blast "we built this city on rock and roll" whenever we were pulling into a parking lot with other runners and we would all dance with the hulk hands on! it was so fun! love you mom!

we made sure cody had a diet coke after he was done running his last leg! (little did he know he would be running one more . . . he was a total star! he ran a total of 20.7 miles!)

go incredible holts! (feeling good cause i am all done with my three legs of the race!)

this is our team at the finish line. we were missing two vital members to our team - bryan and cathy holt. bryan got major heat exhaustion while attempting to run "the ragnar" and cathy was with him as he was recovering. they were with us in spirit!

there were so many fun pictures that i decided the throw a lot of them into a collage. hope you enjoy! (the pictures of devon with a puffy face is when she got hives after getting done with her early morning cold run and getting into the warm car - she got pretty puffy! thank goodness we had benadryl)

that night when we got back to g&g holt's house i was not feeling so hot either and ended up waking up in the middle of the night with severe heat exhaustion - i could not stop shaking. luckily bryan and cathy were up and helped me get some tylenol, ibuprofen and emergenC into my body. it was good to sit on grandma's kitchen floor and sip emergenC and just talk to them about their experience up on the mountain that day. love you guys!

thanks family for doing another relay! even with some crappy things happening it was still totally worth it! and for those who speak extreme abbrevs . . . . it was tots aus! ea . . ru . . .

and i had to throw this video in there too . . . it's me, cody, my mom, jeffrey and sara driving up to slc from stg - totally rockin' out!

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**for another very detailed account visit cathy's blog!


off to run the race . . .

i'm off to northern utah to run in the relay race wasatch back with my amazing family team INCREDIBLE HOLTS! {we did the hood to coast last year}

wish me luck :)


apron swap cont'd

this is the apron that i gave away . . . {i'm pretty sure this lucky girl has it now, so it's safe to post pics}

just finished . . . before ironing

after ironing. . .

close-ups of my creation {i sorta made up the design of it from cute ones i had seen online}

i know it's a lot of pictures and it's just an apron, but i loved it and it was hard to part with because it was so cute, functional and stylish :) {pretty full of myself, i know :) }


bike hike bike

went on a sunday morning hike with cody - we biked from the spa he works for, hiked hell-hole canyon behind kayenta, and then biked back . . .

heading into the canyon

biking back . . .

beautiful, enjoyable morning!


kailyn's first birthday party

my niece kailyn (brad and kendall's daughter) turned one yesterday. we had a party/bbq for her today! she is the cutest thing - she just recently has started walking and is doing a lot of cute baby talk. here are some fun pics of the party!

kendall painted this picture for kailyn to put up in her room. isn't she so talented? it is such a cute little painting!

her first piece of cake! cute cupcakes!

yummy! happy birthday kailyn! :)


Apron Swap

so i did an apron swap . . . my first swap ever. i got this cute, very personalized apron in the mail from this cute chica! this is the first apron she has ever made, so props to her! at first i was thinking it sort of had a "wicked" or halloween theme, but just now as i am posting this, i realized that she probably got the colors from my blog title! if my assumption is right then that is totally cute of her! thanks holly! (i totally wore it last night as i was making dinner)

this is holly - the seamstress . . . she is really funny - you should go to her blog and check her out!

i stole this up close image from her blog . . . :) thanks!

**side note: i have been a total slacker and am just getting my apron in the mail today! i know!so if this chick is reading this . . . i totally apologize and hope she appreciates the time and effort that i put into my apron that i am giving her. it is super cute, but i can't post pics until i know she has it!


canyoneering in zion - pine creek

this past sunday a bunch of us went canyoneering in pine creek. canyoneering is basically doing several rappel's down a slot canyon. i used to do this way more, so it was fun to go again. me and scott also invited our little bro michael and it was fun seeing him get scared and be excited! :) hopefully there will be much more to come this summer!
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here are some fun close-ups!
me and cody rappelling at the same time!
the last rappel is a 100 ft. free rappel so it's the perfect ending and scares you just enough :)
(plus it's an awesome picture)
to see all the pics, go here
and michael is awesome in the video below :)

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