canyoneering in zion - pine creek

this past sunday a bunch of us went canyoneering in pine creek. canyoneering is basically doing several rappel's down a slot canyon. i used to do this way more, so it was fun to go again. me and scott also invited our little bro michael and it was fun seeing him get scared and be excited! :) hopefully there will be much more to come this summer!
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here are some fun close-ups!
me and cody rappelling at the same time!
the last rappel is a 100 ft. free rappel so it's the perfect ending and scares you just enough :)
(plus it's an awesome picture)
to see all the pics, go here
and michael is awesome in the video below :)


Cami Kooka said...

wow you guys went with a big group of poeple... thats so fun beck!! love it!!
i love the video.... yup thats my family.

Jocelyn said...

Hhahahahahahaa I just watched that video of michael and It's even funnier right now!! So fun! We probably should do that again soon!

Cathy said...

That looks like sooo much fun!! I would be sittin' by Michael! That freaks me out a little. Smiles to Michael!!

Graham and Kate said...

Again. Can I tell you how amazed I am at your "ballsy-ness"! Wow! Good for you!:)

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