apron swap cont'd

this is the apron that i gave away . . . {i'm pretty sure this lucky girl has it now, so it's safe to post pics}

just finished . . . before ironing

after ironing. . .

close-ups of my creation {i sorta made up the design of it from cute ones i had seen online}

i know it's a lot of pictures and it's just an apron, but i loved it and it was hard to part with because it was so cute, functional and stylish :) {pretty full of myself, i know :) }


BK Glauser Family said...

Becky, it's just so cute. You did a great job. :)


Sabrina said...

i don't get it......you make aprons and give them away? can i have one? can i make you one? where do i get the stuff to make it? do i have to sew it? i just don't get it!

Graham and Kate said...

Cute!!! Love the fabric and the design!

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