climbing in veyo - crawdad canyon

veyo is a tiny town about 20 minutes away from st. g. there is a cute place called the veyo pool resort that has a pool, climbing and a cute little snack bar! we love to go there in the summer because it's cooler and the climbing is all in the shade. :)

isn't it pretty? there are tons of little picnic areas with bbqs and a sand volleyball court there too!



me, in my natural sprawled state, belaying leah . . .

after i noticed cody had caught me on camera i decided to do it like a lady ;)

cody - leading one of the climbs!

totally buff!

so much fun!


Cathy said...

That looks great. I'm so wishin' I could climb with you!! You should write a book about all of the outdoorsy things available in So. Utah. It would be awesome and your photos would add a ton to it's awesomeness!!

Jesse & Mindy Bird said...

That looks so fun! I wish we had time to come with you sometime... :)

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