i went to see this movie all by myself. i think this is the first time i have ever been to the movies alone.

let me just say that going solo was perfect, especially for this movie. it was sorta freeing walking in there alone. and it was a good thing i was alone because i was crying for an hour straight. tears streaming down my face, for an HOUR! i couldn't believe how much i cried. i don't really cry in movies either, not that i think it's dumb to, i just don't. i had to hold back the sniffles and sorta wished i had rented it and was home on my couch so i could sniff all i wanted. i read the book {thanks to jana!} and loved it and it made the movie that much better.

loved the movie and loved that i was alone.

does anyone else go to movies alone sometimes? i think i might do it more often.
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gold's gym, anyone?

so my friend, maryann, who used to be my room mate and used to live in utah, is selling her gold's gym contract for CHEAP! she lives in indiana and can't use it there because the one she bought is from a utah franchise.

here are the details:

**price is $300, upfront for 16 months! that works out to be $18.75 per month and you don't have to pay startup costs or the lame bi-annual fee of $15. she already paid for all of it. {i believe new contracts are starting at $27 per month}

i wish i would have known about this before i renewed my contract, but i didn't so it's your gain. let me know if you want to buy it from her. it really is a great deal and then we can be gym buddies! i really need one!

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