merry time

this holiday season has been very close to perfect.

  • being with my family

  • eating lots of good food

  • being blessed enough to have exactly what i need

  • riding threw the snow to parties

  • hiking in beautiful southern utah
  • reuniting with old friends
  • giving gifts that bring smiles

  • watching my family link up and play eachother on the ds :)

  • wearing scarves and cozy house shoes

here are some pics of the christmas eve festivities.

it wouldn't be the glauser's without a little entertainment.

landon and kailyn opening presents.

michael's voice activated squirt gun.

yet another christmas apron.

an impromtu hands up stands up competition and then winding down with a little movie tradition: "white christmas"


hiking tradition

maryann came into town from indiana and we had to go on a traditional sunday hike with cody. it was so beautiful that day that i had to post a lot of pics!

my hands were freezing right there.

cody had to help us both down on this part. i promise it was scarier with the snow there.

but it was fun!

just one of the amazing views!

this is me and cody's ice skating rink. when we were on this hike a couple years ago it was frozen over and we made an ice skating video with his cell phone, choreographed and all! it makes me smile.

finally making our way out. this was a long, gorgeous hike and my legs were sore for the next two days . . . :)


the snowstorm

and us airways made it so cami couldn't come home last night. sad. she had to spend the night in the san diego airport. sorry cami. it reminds me of that one time. and that totally sucked, so i feel for you.

on a happier note - if you have facebook you can see the funny video she left on my wall. haha i love you cami!



is coming home tonight!

totally excited to see my little beauty queen! haha!

annual hadley christmas extravaganza

this is the christmas party of all christmas parties, which is probably why they call it an extravaganza. i really don't think i have ever been to one that was more organized and fun than this one! quinn and nicole really outdid themselves this year.

nate, audry, cody, annika and i braved the snowstorm on saturday night and drove up to pine valley. it really was kinda scary driving up there. here we are warming up and eating the yummy food in the cozy cabin.

cody showing off his new coat and i think audrey is trying to eat the snow . . .

they had so many fun games lined up:
  • buzzer game: teams had to answer questions about others at the party
  • guess that christmas movie: we had to write down the names of the ones they had pictured on a poster board.
  • rootbeer guessing game: guess which kind of rootbeear is which and choose the best rootbear by taste.
  • white elephant gift exchange (hilarious)
  • the animal game (always so funny and this particular one had me crying laughing)
  • silent football

i think i ended up with the best, most classic type of white elephant . . . so funny!

quinn (with the help of his mother) made a purse from men's briefs! it was fully lined and interfaced and had a zipper! i was laughing so hard. i couldn't believe the work he and his mom put into this. classic! thanks quinn!

the whole happy group :)


christmas apron

i whipped this baby up for a handmade white elephant party. it turned out so cute and i wanted to keep it! oh well.

i even added a touch of baby rickrack :)

apron model . . .

*i may be slightly obsessed with making aprons, so if you get one from me don't be surprised



i got to hang out with these little boogers a few nights after i got back from my cruise. i missed their squishy faces! and i didn't realize how much havoc these kids could wreak on my little house! haha! it was fun!


cruisin': day 7 and debarkation

the last couple days of the cruise we were on the boat and i hardly took any pictures. we basically layed out, worked out, went to shows and other fun activities on the boat.

i thought this picture of cody was funny! i had never seen him shave his head before! haha!

another fun towel animal.

gettin' off the boat

after 7 days i was ready and excited to come home . . . funny how that works.

cruisin': day 6 thanksgiving

for thanksgiving, we ate at a restaurant that required formal dress and i only brought one dress so i got to wear it again . . . oh well. :) we all went around and said things that we were grateful for. i was grateful for this fun cruise and my family, who i totally missed. :) there was tons more i could have said, but annika pretty much covered everything. haha! :) she doesn't normally have thanksgiving because she is from germany and she loved it!


cruisin': day 5 puerta vallarta

we were in puerta vallarta the longest so we did a little shore excursion to las caletas private beach. it was about an hour boat ride to get there and these funny boys entertained us on the way. one of the guys looked like a mexican colin farrell . . . pretty cute! haha.

such a beautiful boatride with the perfect seats


we snorkeled, kayaked, ate, layed out and even got to see a sea lion perform some cute tricks. oh and i held a parrot and a monkey!

las caletas

in puerta vallarta we went to "el centro" and just browsed along the boardwalk.

amazing sand sculptures!

and even more amazing sunsets and statues!

cody got suckered into buying this cute little girl an ice cream. :)

we got a bunny that night . . . :)

puerta vallarta was a blast! a long day, but super fun!


cruisin': day 4 mazatlan

takin' a "golf cart" taxi to the golden zone.

gearing up to parasail!

they make you get in a way awkward position before you "lift off"

flyin'! it was so awesome and really not scary at all, very calm.


then, thanks to a great tip from uncle bri, we chilled by the pools at las flueres hotel right behind where we parasailed and had some amazing chips and guac. brian always knows the best spots!

this one is for you jared and sue!

we had a little octopus or something waiting for us this time.

if you want to see what it was like parasailing check this short little clip out . . . and don't mind all the wind. it was a blast!

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