my brother

cracks me up!


unexpected inspiration

"the world as we know it springs from our own souls"

a comment written on my paper by prof. eicher that was handed back to me tonight in class.

this comment holds so much truth. i have seen it written a million different ways, but so far, i like this way the best. as if we are our own movie producers, but this time the movie comes from inside of us . . .

it made me think. what kinds of things are springing from my soul? what is my life reflecting? what other possibilities are in there waiting to be created?


night out with aunt becky

i got to hang out with these two cuties on friday night! i have a lot of respect for all you moms who do this everyday! they were running everywhere - and not listening when i was telling them to come back . . . but they were a lot of fun!

aren't they so cute!?!

so i guess every friday night there is a little carnival with a live band and food in downtown stg. so we had a lot of fun eating hot dogs, dancing, and getting fun balloons made!


birthdays and aprons

happy birthday mom! just a few candles on the cake! :)

my mom turned 29 for the 22nd time . . . you do the math! :) she is still so young, fun and vibrant! this is the apron and matching hot pads i made her. {check that off the to do list}

isn't she funny!? She came up with the cute pose and the rose herself.

just some fun close ups! i had fun making this apron and i think it is darling! {yes, i am going to toot my own horn}


dear watermelon patch

little did I know

that you would grow to

almost the size of my entire

courtyard and beyond and give me

7 {and counting} beautiful baby watermelons

for me to enjoy every luscious, juicy, scrumptious bite

thank you my little, but huge, watermelon plant :)
it's fun to have you around.

p.s. we should definitely invite people over when your watermelons are ready to pick so they can share in the goodness too, huh!? who wants to come?


washington rec center

went swimmin' with the fam on monday night. that new rec center is a lot of fun. it's got some great amenities. i couldn't believe the whole gymnastics room! had so much fun with the fam!

isn't this such a cute pic of brad with his kids!?!

cute little kailyn face! she was so darling.

a little in 'n out burger after! i think landon was trying to wink. ;) you like his stickers? he had them all over, even on his feet! silly boy.

**we did some racing for fun. the first time around - sara beat me! i was so mad, so i tried harder, and beat her! haha! looks like i need to work on my swimming technique. maybe the november triathalon is out marie :) haha! swimming is a lotta work!


bag tag . . .

just call me mary poppins . . . i really didn't like this tag, but it did help me clean out my purse.

you can pretty much see that i had way too much stuff in my purse . . . i even had a book and some ribbon in it earlier today! hah! that purse is too big, but i love it! :)

i tag alli walker, kendall glauser, sabrina jasperson, tara fullmer, carly jasperson and mary katherine jasperson. :) enjoy guys! you better do this!



i went up to seattle this past weekend for aaron and sabrina's wedding! what a fun, busy and then relaxing weekend. it was so good to be up there with shane and his family! i have such a good time with them. thanks for letting me crash at your house terry and leanne!

{i borrowed some of the pics from liz's myspace page and i wasn't in the mood to do any collages so here are a whole lot of pics!}

aaron and sabrina's wedding . . .this is the outdoor venue! isn't it beautiful!? the sun came out just in time for the 5pm wedding

the bridesmaids. just about to walk down the isle. {i was a stand-in bridesmaid. kendall and brad couldn't make it last minute. love you k-dogg! so i wore kendall's dress in place of her} nothing better than being 2nd choice! haha! just kidding . . . anything for the bride in her hour of need :) doesn't sabrina look gorgeous!?!

the rehearsal of "where to stand" :) look at hailey and alexis! such cute flower girls!

and such handsome groomsmen . . .a little too sunny! :)

the beautiful cake!

candy bar. yum.

cute liz! she was the maid of honor and was so much fun!

it was fun being all dressed up with shane! don't mind my tan line . . . aaaahhh! i wasn't planning on wearing the dress . . . :)

cutting the cake . . . sexy sabrina!

such a good shot of their first dance! the classic dip! {and her veil fell off}

the bride is ready for some dancing!

we had sooo much fun dancing! the jasperson's are one, fun, dancing family! terry and leanne taught their kids well! they were totally gettin' down too! {you can see them in the back right}

just a silly picture of shane on the way to breakfast the next morning pulling his pants up way too high . . . he thinks he is funny! {secretly, so do i} :)

we did a surprise baby shower for alli, shane's little sister, the next day! here are all the jasperson girls and me!

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