unexpected inspiration

"the world as we know it springs from our own souls"

a comment written on my paper by prof. eicher that was handed back to me tonight in class.

this comment holds so much truth. i have seen it written a million different ways, but so far, i like this way the best. as if we are our own movie producers, but this time the movie comes from inside of us . . .

it made me think. what kinds of things are springing from my soul? what is my life reflecting? what other possibilities are in there waiting to be created?


The Hale Fam said...

i like that quote, there is a lot to think about from that one sentence.
I loved looking at your pics way too much! your mom looks so good! and that apron was sassy- way to be domestic. Did I tell you I finally sewed a quilt last fall. You were my inspiration because you are always making something beautiful and crafty.

Amy and The Mack Pack said...

So inciteful!

Nan said...

i loved taking that class, too...love the comment!

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