washington rec center

went swimmin' with the fam on monday night. that new rec center is a lot of fun. it's got some great amenities. i couldn't believe the whole gymnastics room! had so much fun with the fam!

isn't this such a cute pic of brad with his kids!?!

cute little kailyn face! she was so darling.

a little in 'n out burger after! i think landon was trying to wink. ;) you like his stickers? he had them all over, even on his feet! silly boy.

**we did some racing for fun. the first time around - sara beat me! i was so mad, so i tried harder, and beat her! haha! looks like i need to work on my swimming technique. maybe the november triathalon is out marie :) haha! swimming is a lotta work!


Scott G-ness said...

wow. you lost to sara. tisk tisk. ha :) just playing girl. we need to get you some google ads up on yo site. like fo sho.

kassy said...

That rec-center looks amazing!

Cami Kooka said...

everyone looks so grown up!! jeff, sara, kailyn, landon... even brad ;)

looks super fun.

Cami Kooka said...

is "scott g-ness" our brother? why can't i see his profile?

beck said...

yeah, it's our brother and i have no idea why you can't see his profile . . . lame. i'll have to call him.

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