birthdays and aprons

happy birthday mom! just a few candles on the cake! :)

my mom turned 29 for the 22nd time . . . you do the math! :) she is still so young, fun and vibrant! this is the apron and matching hot pads i made her. {check that off the to do list}

isn't she funny!? She came up with the cute pose and the rose herself.

just some fun close ups! i had fun making this apron and i think it is darling! {yes, i am going to toot my own horn}


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

That is a HECKA Cute apron!!!

Way to go! You are all kinds of crafty.

I try and sew... and yeah... not so pretty.. .:S

Kim said...

I heard I missed you by like two seconds at the main street park yesterday :(

Lindsay said...

i love your mom.

Candice Warby said...

It is so cute!! I'm jealous. I would love to learn to make fun things like that.

Cathy said...

Way cut apron! You're a great daughter!

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